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IELA Announces Winners of 2019 E-Learning Awards Business Division

By Cait Etherington
June 18, 2019

Every June on the final day of the International Conference on eLearning in the Workplace at Columbia University, the winners of the International e-Learning Association’s Business Division Awards are announced. This year’s winners reflect a growing focus on building eLearning solutions that can be easily scaled to meet the training needs of large global workforces. As in past years, simulations and gamification also continued to dominate the IELA’s winning entries in the business category.

The International E-Learning Association (IELA)

The IELA is an organization dedicated to promoting, researching, and assessing eLearning in both the classroom and workplace. One of the most established eLearning organizations in the world, members of the IELA hail from countries around the globe and include people working in higher education, K-12 education, private industry, and the public sector.

To encourage and honor best practices in the field, each year, the IELA holds two award ceremonies. The first ceremony takes place in June and celebrates the past year’s very best new platforms and apps targeting the training sector. There are separate prizes for eLearning, blended learning, and mobile solutions.

The 2019 IELA E-Learning Awards-Business Division

eLearning Winners

In the eLearning category, “Petronia,” an initiative developed by Saffron Interactive and the National Resource Governance Institute in the United Kingdom, took home this year’s top prize. Petronia is an immersive simulation set in a country that has just made a major resource discovery. During the four- to six-hour simulation, players are given a range of challenges that require them to negotiate with multiple stakeholders. The simulation is designed to recreate the complex negotiations that typically play out when natural resources are discovered in any region.

The 2019 runner-up in the eLearning category was for an entry submitted by U.S. company, Snytrio, Inc.. Snytrio, Inc. project is “FlexCode Code of Conduct Training.”  Honorable mentions also went out to entries submitted by Assurant (United States),  Yardstick Training (Canada), the Civil Service Development Institute of Kaohsiung City (Taiwan),  Microsoft Corporation (United States), Video Arts (United Kingdom).

Mobile Learning Winners

In the mobile learning category, a German company, Vapiano SE, took home the top prize for “Vapiano Learning Space.” Vapiano Learning Space enables employees at more than 200 Vapiano restaurants in 33 countries to access training solutions on the go.

A German team also took home the runner-up prize in the mobile category. “Jix (Artificial intelligence meets training & learning)” was submitted by Germany’s time4you, but time4you is no stranger to the E-Learning Awards. In 2017, they took home the top prize in the mobile category for another entry, “IBT® Learning Content Management.” This year, there were no honorable mentions in the mobile category.

Blended Learning Winners

Finally, in the blended learning category, this year’s winning entry went to Germany’s Pink University for an entry titled, “New to the Leadership Role; Blended Learning.” The platform targets young and emerging managers and aims to help new managers distinguish between specialists and leadership roles, identify their own strengths and weaknesses, and avoid common management errors.

The U.S.-based Vital Learning took home the runner-up prize in the blended learning category for “Leadership Essentials Series Blended Learning Subscription.” Blended learning honorable mentions included entries by Macquarie Bank (Australia), CorpU (United States), Gamehill (Poland) PROAKTIV Management GmbH (Germany), and thyssenkrupp Academy GmbH and IMC AG (Germany).

To learn more about the IELA and discover past winners going back to 2010, visit the IELA website.

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash.