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ElearningInside News exists to bring you thoughtful insights and news on personalities, companies, technologies and trends in the eLearning Industry. Our reporters pursue each story to its logical conclusion and distill the narrative down to its essential essence, so you can focus on making better decisions about your work and training goals.

Senior Writer and Editor 

Cait Etherington is a writer, editor, and education consultant with over two decades of experience reporting on K-12 and higher education issues. Her research focuses on the impact of new media technologies on education and training. Her essays, articles, and reviews have been published in magazines and research journals across the United States and internationally. She currently serves as the senior writer and editor or eLearningInside News.

Contributing Writer 

Hillary M. Miller is a writer and editor with a background in anthropology and a focus in media and technology. She has worked with individuals and organizations ranging from small independent artists to international corporations to research and report on a variety of cultural topics in the digital age. Hillary is a regular contributor to ElearningInside News.

Contributing Writer 

Sayantani Banerjee is a professional with 13+ years of experience in the field of content writing, e-learning, and instructional design. She is passionate about anything related to adult learning.

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