Tap These Online Tools to Write a Great Essay

By eLearning Inside
July 29, 2021

Undergraduate students tend to take a range of attitudes towards writing essays. Some fear the process altogether, while others use it as an opportunity for creative expression. Many professors, however, are looking for something simple and specific: their ability to articulate an argument. That involves writing with correct grammar, spelling, and syntax. It also involves certain practices that make for easier reading. Techniques like varying sentence structure and never repeating noticeable words or phrases can significantly improve the quality of prose. Learning these and employing them effectively is easier said than done. Luckily there are online tools available to help you write a great essay.

Check Your Grammar Actively

Don’t wait until you have a completed article to revise for grammar. Practice correct grammar in an active manner. If a phrase you write feels off, you might want to send it through a grammar checker. A simple google search reveals tools like Grammarly, LanguageTool, and GrammarCheck, among others.

Practice Prose

Any time you sit down to write, there is an art to that process. You probably don’t view what you write as something that would stand next to the work of Hemingway or Woolf. But all the same, there is an art to writing in the way that there is an art to baking key lime pie. You must sculpt the medium according to your purposes.

Art is subjective and it doesn’t have rules. But there are guidelines, along with tips and techniques that can help you follow them. Yes, the prose of Hemingway differs significantly from that of Woolf. But they also both tend to use more adverbs than the average novelist.

A huge variety of resources are available to you to help you improve your writing. Platforms like MasterClass, Outlier, Coursera, and edX have a variety of free or affordable classes taught by a range of experts.

Getting Started

The module or the course for which you have to write the assignments will have a reading list. So, before you begin writing, you must read it thoroughly. In addition, you must make the most of your tutor’s texts. This can aid in producing accurate assignments. It will also provide you with valuable insight into the topic and simplify your writing. If you have adequate time, you can even read other sources, maybe books from the library or articles on the internet. This can provide you with references to back your argument.

If you are serious about improving your essay and need to land a certain grade, you could consider seeking tutoring services. A number of online platforms offer essay writing tutoring, like  TopAssignmentExperts, TFTH, and EduWorldUSA can connect you with tutors who can help you with your assignments.  

Know the Deadline

On some days, your deadlines for producing the assignments will be tight, while you will have relaxed deadlines on other days. To always have flexible deadlines, you must never wait for the last moment to start your assignments. You can even download an application that will always help you keep a tab on the deadlines.

Also, before retiring to bed, double-check your deadlines every day. This will ensure that there is no task, which is pending and requires your immediate attention. Subsequently, you can look for an app that lets you add a countdown on your tablet or phone for the deadline.

Plan Well

For a student, finding the time to complete the assignments can often be a tricky process. It is because you will always have a cramped schedule. Also, there is never a motivation to complete lengthy tasks. So, it only makes completing those tasks even more complicated. In this case, the right planning for your tasks is essential. You can break down your tasks into smaller sub-tasks.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

At times, you may want to write your assignment, but it just may not happen. This can be referred to as writer’s block. This is a common situation and might arise for anyone. If you are experiencing the same situation, you can try a change of scenery, put on some music, or write another section before addressing the problem, which is becoming hard for you to write about. In case nothing works, take a break and start afresh. You can use this time to re-read what you have written or read through other sources.

Featured Image: NeONBRAND, Unsplash.