How Technology Affects Essay Writing Skills

By eLearning Inside
June 24, 2021

The growth of technology today is many times faster than it was even two decades ago. Every aspect of life has been affected – from communication to travel, education to healthcare.
Education has also been fundamentally changed. There are writing and math apps, online dictionaries, schedulers, online resources for admissions and scholarships, video tutorials, plagiarism software, and so on available to students, often for free. Students today have access to digital tools that help them write more and potentially better compared to two decades ago, thanks to advancing technology.

Better Research

A few decades ago, students would rely on hardcover textbooks to do their research for academic assignments. Students had to buy some of these because the few available copies in college libraries would be in high demand. It took time shopping around bookshops or looking for a copy from lecturers and friends. There were barely any companies that would offer essay help.

When writing an essay assignment, research is a crucial part. Students no longer need to work with a huge pile of hardcover books to read from cover to cover, seeking useful information. Due to technology, most books are now available online and searchable. A student can search for the exact information they require for their assignment. Today, a student can customize their research to get more quality information and therefore writer better quality essays.

Save Time, Write More

Due to advancing technology, a student can do a lot within a short time. Students no longer need to travel across cities shopping for academic books because they can access them at a very affordable cost on their smartphones and laptops.

Research that would take an entire month before can now take less than a week to complete. Today, there are more than enough essay writing services available and a student just needs to contact an essay writing service to have their work done within a few days. Students no longer take several weeks to complete one essay and they can write more essays and improve their writing experience.

More Writing Service Providers

The proliferation of online paper writing services companies has increased access to resources even further. Experienced writers are hired by essay writers to manage hard themes and submit assignments on schedule. The writers are more experienced in research techniques and are concerned about the integrity of their work.

If a student lacks confidence in their ability to write essays, they can go online and get essay assistance from a trustworthy writing firm or best essay writing service. They may anticipate plagiarism-free writing that satisfies their educator’s requirements.

As the student receives their papers from the essay writing help service, they can be sure to read and understand the structure and use of words from the paper they receive and learn how to write good essays on their own. Students can also learn the tricks needed to use advanced writing tools to help redeem time.

Better Sentence Structure

An essay is not complete until the student proofreads it for errors. Before technology provided a solution, students would do a manual search for errors which was a tedious and sucking process. Even with a thorough search for errors, many errors would go unnoticed and they would make a student get lesser marks.

With better technology, there are proofreading applications online that have made student’s work easy. The best essay writers rely on these applications to ensure they submit error-free papers.

A student just needs to download the tool and paste their paper to run for error scan. The tools will help with sentence flow, paragraph structure, punctuation, and so on so that a student will submit an error-free essay.

Plagiarism-Free Essays

Plagiarism was a big challenge before technology advanced. Although the challenge is still prevalent today, technology has helped to significantly reduce the problem. It would almost be impossible to know if a document was plagiarized or not. Today, there are many plagiarism scanning tools available online that a student or paper writing service can use to ensure their text is original.

Best Formats and Citations

An essay writer must follow a certain format as prescribed by educators. Every essay type follows a certain citation style that a student must strictly follow. If a student chooses to use an essay writing service, they might find the process simple but if they are writing on their own, it can be challenging.

Thankfully, there are citation tools and writing tools that help students follow the right writing structure and citation style. Most of these tools are free, although a student is free to choose the paid versions to access more features for better quality papers.

Final Thoughts

Due to the current technology, students can easily obtain research data by simply going online. Writing has been simplified by online writing tools and plagiarism scanning tools help them submit original documents. When using the appropriate technologies, students will write better and more effectively.

Featured Image: Docusign, Unsplash.