Programming Languages Used In the Automobile Industry

By eLearning Inside
December 13, 2023

Engineering is one of the most popular college majors in the U.S. Around 128,000 bachelor’s degrees were conferred between 2019 and 2022, according to data published by the National Center of Education Statistics (NCES).

Mechanical engineering in particular stands as the most popular amongst students. There are a range of skills engineers need to work in the automobile industry, one of them being programming languages. Behind the powerful engines, programming languages run functionalities and complex algorithms.

In this article, we will explore the top five programming languages used in the industry.


The first commonly used programming language in the automobile industry is “Python.” Python, known for its user-friendly attributes, holds a preference for algorithm development within the automobile industry due to its simplicity.

Its straightforward nature facilitates ease of learning. It is also compatible with other languages, such as C++. Moreover, many companies, for instance, HelloJetBlue, use Python for data analysis.


“Java” is another popular programming language widely used in the auto sector. It is usually related to client or server applications. This language can be easily run on any platform that supports Java.

Automobile manufacturers build a range of efficient and versatile software with this programming language. It helps to increase the features and functionality of the vehicles.


As in many other sectors, databases also play an essential role in the auto industry because they have to store a large amount of data related to production and sales. So, the companies use SQL “Structured Query Language” to store this vast amount of data.

This language also helps in retrieving, manipulating, and organizing data efficiently. Many retailers like MyColes also use SQL to manage their sales data.


When talking about in-vehicle software, C/C++ is a commonly used programming language. This is simple to learn and use language. It has numerous advantages over other programming languages. C/C++ allows automobile developers to write low-level codes.

This offers them high control over system resources. This language also plays an important part in developing real-time applications for automobiles.


JavaScript plays a significant role in the auto industry. This versatile programming language is usually known to be used in web development. It is also employed in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This language is used in developing car dashboards and user-friendly information systems.

It is used at both the client and the server end. The developers also use it to manufacture in-car displays and various mobile apps connected to the vehicle. Thus, this programming language is important in improving user experience by enabling amazing features and real-time updates.

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