Is Remote Learning the Future of Education?

By eLearning Inside
September 27, 2021

The world has been moving toward remote learning models since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Especially when it comes to educational institutes, educators are finding new ways to leverage and execute educational programs efficiently and effectively.

As a result, virtual or remote learning is now a thing. Many experts believe it is beneficial to the future, particularly the future of labor. Gathered below is a list of reasons that we think might favor making you believe. So without any exaggeration, let us look into some reasons for which we see remote learning as the future of education.

Personalized Learning Experience

Online education addresses issues regarding skill levels. Students can now access a range of things, such as films, images, and eBooks, through the internet. At the same time, teachers can supplement their lectures with additional forms. People can get access to this additional content at any time and from any location that’s how education is more dynamic and customized.

Easy Access to Educational Material

Educators usually upload their lectures to virtual classrooms like Google Classroom. Moreover, we have online channels through which students pursuing skill-based online certificates and degrees can obtain essential information from any instructor they choose. This can benefit students who might have a technical issue or any medical issue and miss the lecture as they can catch up on lessons later, after class timings. As a result, students and educators can no longer be obligated to commute to a specific location or to stick to a strict schedule. In addition, they both can gain a lot from online learning since it provides access to tools and educational content that they would not otherwise, and so much more.

Wide range of Programs

The internet hosts a vast number of programs that leverage eLearning’s usage and benefits in many ways. Many educational institutes have now turned to blended learning in order to ensure that nothing stops and keep maintaining the SOP of COVID-19 saving lives.

In fact, many institutes have now taken the initiative to offer online courses so that the students can attend from anywhere in the world. From music composition to project management, there are options for any subject that students want to study. Moreover, it’s an excellent option to earn an official certificate, diploma, or degree without having to travel to a university. This shows that the future of education is digital.


Learning through the internet at hope enables the students as well as the teachers to learn at their own pace. Remote learning means they are not forced to follow any pattern, which means they have the freedom to divide their time according to the priority of work. They can build a schedule that works around their availability, especially for those who have jobs. For instance, if someone wants to continue his studies but hasn’t been able to do it because of his job, he can now easily continue his studies from home.

Additionally, learning at your own pace encourages time management skills. Hence, students no longer need to sacrifice their studies or choose between work and school because they can strike a proper balance between both.

Improved Learning Environment

Students are motivated to obtain hands-on experience. For instance, attending online classes from their own homes helps them retain a good attitude. This function is very beneficial, especially for students who are experiencing psychological difficulties, since it enables them to learn at their own speed without feeling rushed and without overdoing themselves.

Means of Communication

In order to ensure adequate attention and provide relevant help to students from their tutor, most live-streamed online learning courses include restrictions on the number of students allowed to participate. Besides, as schooling transforms to online platforms, teachers have more time to focus on individual students and address their needs which were not possible in conventional classrooms. In addition, they can also connect directly with one another anytime they want, without jeopardizing their work or personal space.

Virtual Online Events and Ceremonies

COVID-19 has ushered in a new normal, with many students having to alter their plans around the country. Since the epidemic struck the world, many graduation ceremonies have been streamed live because higher education leaders were concerned about the spread of coronavirus in big gatherings. Whereas the other way suggested was to make a presentation through a virtual graduation presentation template, conduct a zoom meeting and make the ceremony happen.

This has indeed decreased the charm of graduation like students won’t be having fun gatherings like they used to before COVID-19. Still, health comes first, and it’s probably the best alternative than completely eliminating it from the list. However, this would serve the best for students who want to pursue international studies without being physically present since we see more virtual programs in the future because covid is probably here to stay for a more extended period.

Opportunities for Professional Development

The degree is mandatory if you want to place yourself a little higher in the corporate world. A degree shows ambition and a desire to stay current and prepared for new challenges to future employers.

Previously, many students have not been able to complete their degrees because of their responsibilities, which made them work 24/7, and their studies got neglected. However, with the advent of remote learning, students could enroll themselves online and make their dreams come true. They can complete their degrees with virtual universities while working or raising a family at ease.

On the other hand, teachers can also benefit from eLearning. They can look up to the internet to leverage their knowledge and skills. Educators must, however, keep their teaching methods up to date while employing e-learning materials because technology is constantly improving. As a result, educators are under constant pressure to enhance their skills, making professional development a daily responsibility.

Featured Image: Avi Richards, Unsplash.


  1. Just to let you know, this isn’t available to existing Infosys employees. And despite talking about life long learning, in some countries Infosys does not provide any support for learning and has limited access to the companies own resources.

    Posted as anon because this country punishes anyone who suggests it isn’t anything but wonderful.

  2. I second annon comments. Global leader in consulting .. AHEM… Since When? Who recognizes such… Infy has a knack of sending press releases to improve its image. but the reality is very different. Very few opportunities to upskill which the company expects employees to do on their own and be relevant else the Axe is waiting. Training funds are not allocated to managers, so how can employee get skilled. Hence, the reason for Infy being a follower in many technologies. What a shame. They are victims of their own designs.

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