How To Find Free WiFi When You Travel

By eLearning Inside
December 13, 2023

If you are a student, chances are you have been in that awkward position of trying to connect to the internet in a cafe or an airport so you can finish off an essay you have due. In stressful times like that, a stable connection can be the difference between meeting a dealing and failing a class.

In this article, we give you some helpful tips on how and where to get the best WiFi connection.

Book Hotels With Free WiFi

An effective strategy for locating free WiFi while traveling is booking accommodations that include this service. Numerous hotels, including Travelodge WiFi, offer free Wi-Fi access to every guest.

Choosing these hotels allows you to enjoy unlimited free Wi-Fi access. Therefore, when exploring accommodation options, ensure to consider additional offerings, particularly free Wi-Fi access.

Install Wi-Fi Finder App Before Starting Your Trip

Another method to uncover free WiFi during travel involves using Wi-Fi finder apps. Before your departure, download an app that aids in discovering free internet access.

Numerous apps are specially designed to help people find free WiFi services while traveling. These apps easily map out available networks around you. Thus, they can be valuable tools while you are on your go.

Use Wi-Fi Hotspot Database

An online WiFi hotspot database is also a reliable method to discover free WiFi while traveling.

Utilization of a WiFi hotspot database allows you to have a list of local places offering free WiFi for guests. This list then serves as a guide, enabling strategic trip planning around locations with free WiFi.

Visit Locations that Offer Free Wi-Fi

To secure free WiFi access, consider visiting places that provide such a service. A variety of places including, restaurants, hotels, malls, and libraries, extend free Internet services.

In addition, certain transport hubs like Sydney Airport WiFi provide their visitors with free WiFi. By visiting these places during your travels, you can freely use free WiFi.

Tether Your Phone

One more method to avail free WiFi on your trip involves phone tethering. Possessing a smartphone with a sufficient data plan allows you to transform your phone into a personal hotspot device.

This approach proves beneficial, especially in regions where locating free WiFi access can be a challenge.

Find Hidden Networks

Some WiFi networks are not publicly shown and stay hidden. If you are at any place where you suspect to have a hidden network, you can ask the staff to share the access. You may mostly find hidden WiFi at coffee shops and restaurants.

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