5 Essential Skills For Graphic Designers

By eLearning Inside
November 29, 2021

Graphic designers are hot in demand in today’s job market. Currently, the market size for global graphic designers stands at $41.8 billion. The versatility of graphic design has made it an essential tool for companies and organizations. The Bureau of Labour Statistics has stated that the employment of graphic designers in the computer system is predicted to increase by 3% from 2020 to 2030, with a quarter of a million jobs already in existence. From advertising to printmaking, and animation to production design, a good graphic designer can prove to be very handy.

For getting hired at a good package, a graphic designer requires both technical and non-technical skills.

1. Creativity

According to global employment site Monster, the first and foremost important skill that a graphic designer requires is creativity. With creativity, it becomes possible to think about new ideas which can then be manifested into real designs. Creativity in a graphic designer makes it possible to ease up the designing process. For instance, if a graphic designer is planning to work on a Mehndi Design, creativity will allow them to come up with new ways to make their design unique. Dr. Ishan O. Al-Rabaee, Associate Professor of Graphic Design in his paper titled, “Creativity Spaces In Graphic Design: Pedagogical Implications” rightly stated that graphical creativity holds special importance in the entire graphical process.

2. Be An Adobe Expert

Most of the design job posts require the graphic designer to be a master of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Shillington, a graphic design boot camp, has stated that Adobe InDesign skills are one of the most essential skills for any graphic designer. Adobe InDesign is one of the most valuable software of a graphic designer. The software can be used for designing a wide range of products, anything from magazine covers to a WhatsApp Status. In addition to that, Photoshop can be used for editing photos, and Adobe Illustrator can be used to design diagrams, graphs, illustrations, and logos.

3. Typography

Typography is a crucial part of graphic designing and this skill should not be ignored. A graphic designer should be able to choose the right font for a product while ensuring its alignment is at the right place. For choosing typography, in addition to the aesthetic, the technicalities of it should also be explained to ensure that it matches the brand. Good typography creates meaning in itself. It is further important to stay updated about the typography trend. It is believed that the year 2022 will be a big year of typography according to Chris Algar, a senior designer at Design Bridge London.

4. Branding

Even though branding is considered a business skill, all graphic designers should be familiar with it. Without understanding the brand of the client, it can be tedious to create the perfect graphics. According to a report by Venngage, 16% of job posts have mentioned branding as an essential skill for graphic designers. For instance, if one is doing social media marketing and requires a graphic designer to create posts for different platforms, the graphic designer should have the knowledge to know what content is fit for different platforms.

5. Portfolio Management

One of the easiest ways for a graphic designer to land a lucrative job is by managing their portfolio well. A portfolio can be used for showcasing the works that they have done to date to impress their client. Properly managing a portfolio and a website is essential for a graphic designer for getting a job. How to create a website can also prove to be a handful in showcasing the portfolio in a better manner.

Featured Image: Tranmautritam, Pexels.