4 Tips to Help You Get into Your Preferred College

By eLearning Inside
February 01, 2022

It’s no secret that getting into college requires determination and hard work throughout your school years.

Not only do you need to earn good grades and have strong scores on your ACT or SATs, but you’ll also need to write an excellent essay and get letters of recommendation.

With the following tips and some help from your family, school administrators, and college admission experts, you can push the odds of getting accepted to your dream college firmly in your favor.

1. Consult an Admission Expert

There’s no doubt that going through the college admission process is one of the most significant stressors for high school students and their parents.
That’s where a Going Ivy admission consultant comes in.

A college admission expert will help you prepare for the college admission process and help you manage your stress levels. They will also provide expert advice on everything you’ve ever wanted to know about getting into your dream college.

The best time to work with a college admission consultant is while you’re still in high school – the earlier, the better. Because college admission consultants don’t just help with the application process, most students find that consulting with an admission expert as early as ninth grade increases the likelihood of a successful college application.

2. Write a Compelling Essay

You should be honing your essay writing skills throughout your high school career in preparation for college admission. Your personal statement will let the admissions team know who you are outside your test scores, so it needs to be well-written, intimate, and engaging.

Because your essay will speak volumes about who you are as a person, you should see it as your chance to “sell yourself.” Your essay plays a critical role in your application’s success, so spend a lot of time on it.

You’ll also need to choose your prompt wisely to showcase your unique perspective – the goal is to create a compelling personal story.

3. Work for High Grades and Take Challenging Courses

The most critical factors for the team reviewing your application are a high GPA and a challenging curriculum. According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, 3 out of 4 colleges emphasize the importance of academic performance when assessing college applications.

Furthermore, 80% of colleges also consider how challenging the student’s curriculum is – so prioritize taking as many academically-rigorous courses as possible. Honors, IB, AP, and other higher-level courses are excellent options.

4. Get Strong Letters of Recommendation

While grades and test scores can reveal a lot about you, they can’t reveal anything about your character.
Securing solid letters of recommendation from teachers, school counselors, and anyone else who can describe your accomplishments, attitude, and skills is the best way to give the admissions team valuable insights about you.

Generally, colleges will require 1-3 letters of recommendation. When asking for recommendation letters, politely ask for them a month early to ensure they don’t impact your college admission deadline. You’ll also want the teacher or counselor to have plenty of time to compose a strong letter.

Featured images: Helena Lopes, Pexels.