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Why Students Should Consider Online MBAs

By eLearning Inside
December 31, 2021

eLearning is now a fundamental part of U.S. education. According to recent findings from Admissionsly, 63% of high school students use eLearning tools every day. The findings further express that a majority of students have shown interest in online programming, in particular, 42% of females, and 62% of males.

Universities are increasingly offering alternative online MBA courses, due to the popularity of on-campus courses now faltering. An online MBA program not only shares the same credibility as an on-campus equivalent, but in some cases, an online MBA may be the better option. The following are some of the most significant advantages of completing an MBA online.


Online MBAs, and online courses as a whole, have the added advantage of being more flexible. A lot of universities now offer the choice of online MBAs as both in-person and hybrid programs, allowing for synchronous and asynchronous learning. John Hopkins Carey Business School has a program that is presented mostly online, with little need for on-campus teaching. Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business also has a similar asynchronous program which can be completed in just 21 months, but students are allowed to take their time to accommodate other factors.


MBA programs can provide exceptional value in terms of base cost and timetable flexibility. In general, authorized online MBA programs may be found for as low as $3,219 per year. Looking at the GradReports Optimal Choice index, which provides a list of the lowest tuition schools with the best job expectancy, Regent University Online’s MBA course has a recommendation rate of 70%, the tuition being $18,620. Many programs allow you to choose the number of credits you take every semester or the length of time you take to complete the degree based on your financial situation.

Adapting to Technology

Online MBAs are heading technological innovation, even providing it as a course module. University of London’s Bayes Business School provides an online course in Global MBA, covering everything from the concepts of technology and innovation, to strategies on how to foster that innovation. As of 2020, the course is ranked 2nd in the world for corporate strategy. Schiller International University, with locations from Florida to Madrid, has an MBA program that centralizes technology, covering topics such as; the management of information systems, database management, communications networks, project management, electronic commerce, system analysis, and design. The course tuition stands at $23,850.

Global Possibilities

As online MBA programs have grown in popularity and reputation, several of them have made enrolling international students, providing international business immersion experiences, and even creating satellite campuses in other countries a priority. Even if the experience is only a few days long, the ability to meet with other students, instructors, and professionals in international immersion settings may have a significant educational impact, especially for online MBA students who do not interact with their peers every day.

These online courses give you a broader choice to pick and choose your desired stream.

Whether you want to better your sales expertise or learn more about business management, online courses are the future. As long as one has an eye for quality courses by trusted authorities, there are no disadvantages to learning online.

Featured Image: Ketut Subiyanto, Pexels.