Why Now Is the Time to Learn Angular

By eLearning Inside
September 13, 2021

Each web project has its development specifics. Therefore, it is better to know what you’re dealing with to achieve business goals. For example, JS’s environment is diverse and dynamic, and coders can spend years developing new capabilities.

But when it comes to web development, you should pay attention to Angular or companies that provide Angular outsourcing services. The advantages of this framework are not known to everyone, but it saves a lot of time and investment while providing an excellent result.

An Angular development company can take care of most demands involved with modern web development. If you are learning to code, therefore, take note. Insights below will be helpful for beginners to know where to begin learning Angular. Business owners will also discover all the benefits of this technology as well as its development services.

The Gist of Angular

The point of Angular is simplicity and multifunctionality. Javascript created Angular framework, taking into account useful features and tools for developing all kinds of applications. The aim of the workflow is as: developers write code in Typescript, after which it is compiled into Javascript and displayed in the browser. In fact, it’s more complicated and powerful than it may seem, so let’s have a look at five main reasons to start learning Angular.

5 Reasons to Start Learning

If you are not using Angular in your web projects yet, then you can set yourself the goal of learning it as soon as possible. In order to demonstrate its efficiency, we have compiled the top 5 reasons to start learning and implementing Angular.

Trusted and Time-Tested System

The framework has endured the test of time and the practice of large companies. It is a reliable method to learn from the experience of successful businesses and their cases to stay competitive.

Many world-renowned web platforms have been created with Angular. Some of them:

  • PayPal
  • Upwork
  • Netflix
  • Lego
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Google uses Angular internally to work on various projects. The company also provides support to other users who face security and storage issues.

On the other hand, business owners play a significant role in software development for outsourced companies. So it’s better to rely on professionals who care.

Cross-Platform System

The functionality of Angular is not limited to the creation of a one-type product. It can be web, desktop, or mobile development of applications when you can begin with something basic but scale in the future. Starting from Angular 5 onward, you can develop high-performance web applications offline. Desktop applications built with Angular are supported on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

SPA Supported

The architecture of a single-page application is when a web app loads a single HTML page. The page that is currently being used is automatically updated in real-time, depending on the user’s requirements. This provides a better user experience as the page executes commands extremely quickly and there is no need to wait.

Friendly UI/UX

The Angular UI is pretty simple and intuitive. It does not require updates and loads data quickly. Angular developers simply define the page layout and install the system, and the framework itself interacts with data and HTML, CSS, and JS files according to a provided script.

Developer-Friendly Integration

If you want to add more functionality to your UI, it’s easy to do with Angular. Use any of the frameworks that support Angular built-in integration, such as Telerik’s Kendo UI or Ionic. Thus, the integration does not spend a lot of resources on execution but adds attractiveness to the product.

Where to Begin Learning Angular

You can start your Angular journey with the most basic version of AngularJS or, as it is also called, Angular1. In order not to get confused, you should not try to learn version 10 right away, because Angular versions differ from each other, so you need to know how the base works to master others. Thus, it’s better to move gradually:

  • AngularJS to Angular2;
  • Angular2 to Angular4;
  • Angular5 to Angular7;
  • Angular8 to Angular10.

Please note: to install Angular, you must have NodeJS version 8.x or 10.x and npm.

Nowadays, companies create separate jobs for specialists who work with Angular. If you want to highly delve into the process, then gain basic knowledge and skills and start your practical experience as a junior specialist.

With the intense study and application of this framework, your career will quickly go up, because this area is developing incredibly dynamically.

Featured Image: Fatos Bytyqi, Unsplash.