Where To Learn Advanced SQL Online

By eLearning Inside
May 04, 2020

If you already have some experience working as a database administrator, but you are eager to hone your skills further, there are lots of resources available to help you streamline this process.

Taking advantage of these solutions, along with reading up on common DBA interview questions and giving your resume an overhaul, will help you secure that next role and allow you to progress along your career path in this competitive field.

With that in mind, here are just a few places to learn advanced SQL online if you are an aspiring specialist in the database sector.


Udemy is one of the world’s leading online learning resources and unsurprisingly it offers a number of SQL courses, covering a variety of experience levels from beginner onward.

There are courses for those looking to get certification in specific SQL solutions, like those offered by Microsoft and Oracle, as well as courses which aim to enlighten DBAs in various sub-disciplines including business analytics and data science.

A combination of written and video content included with most courses helps to enrich the learning experience and once you have purchased a particular course, like this advanced SQL tutorial, you are provided with lifetime access to it, meaning you can come back in the future and refresh your knowledge if necessary.


Another online learning ecosystem, but this time focused specifically on coding, Codecademy has the added benefit of providing SQL training that is totally free of charge. Its courses are suitable for amateurs and professionals alike, letting you pick a specific focus for your learning and giving you the tools you need to better monitor, manage and optimize databases that are built around SQL.

These courses can stretch over several weeks, so do not expect to be finished with them in just a few hours; they require more commitment than that.

Bear in mind that while the basic courses do not come with a charge, you will need to pay a monthly subscription if you want to access the advanced SQL courses. This adds in other perks, including guidance from experts and support from a community of other users.

Khan Academy

Created to be a non-profit learning resource for teachers and students of all ages and backgrounds, Khan Academy is one of the best platforms to consider using if you are hoping to get the lowdown on advanced SQL techniques without having to pay for the privilege.

There is plenty of SQL-focused content to encounter on the site, much of which you can access without even needing to create an account. If you do decide to move forwards with what it has to offer, you can sign up and become part of a kind of online open forum where it is easy to ask questions and get support as you learn.

It may lack the polish of some of its paid-for counterparts, but the mission statement of the Khan Academy is admirable and it may be ideal for certain DBAs who want to learn more and even contribute their own expertise to the conversation to assist others.


With a simple interface, an impressive amount of entirely free SQL learning content and great examples which can actually be executed to let you see how your manipulation of queries works in practice, W3Schools is a good place for DBAs as well as other data science specialists and general programmers to hang out.

The learning experience here is not directed, but instead expects that the user will pick and choose from the assets available. This gives you flexibility to learn advanced SQL at your own pace.

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