Industry News Releases Personalised Learning Product, VocabTrainer

By eLearning Inside
February 27, 2023, the leading educational destination for mastering words, has announced its newest personalized learning product, VocabTrainer. VocabTrainer uses’s award-winning adaptive engine, insights from billions of data points and gamified instruction, to help learners boost their word knowledge.

Screenshot of the VocabTrainer platform.
As learners answer questions correctly and progress toward mastering a word, VocabTrainer adapts to pose harder questions that build on their knowledge. [Credit: IXL Learning].

Mastery over memorization

With each question a learner answers, VocabTrainer evaluates vocabulary proficiency on a 20-level scale and identifies gaps in knowledge. It then uses those insights to craft a personalized plan of daily exercises that incorporates the words the student is ready to learn.

As learners answer questions correctly and progress toward mastering a word, VocabTrainer adapts to pose harder questions that build on their knowledge. Students are tested on the definitions, peripheral meanings and nuances of terms, enabling them to cultivate an understanding of words from every angle.

Additionally, VocabTrainer provides personalized reporting that tracks progress and proficiency and lets students compare their growth to other learners around the world. As learners progress through rounds of questions, they receive updated reports that show how their score and vocabulary knowledge has changed over time.

Learners who want to improve their vocabulary can try out ten VocabTrainer questions per day. The full benefits of VocabTrainer are available to learners who have purchased a subscription and are included in classroom and school licenses for all teachers and students.

“Focusing on mastery instead of memorising words is fundamental to how builds lasting literacy skills. To that end, we created VocabTrainer as a systematic and engaging way for learners to attain a deeper understanding of words through personalized and gamified instruction,” said Paul Mishkin, CEO of IXL Learning,’s parent company. “Whether you are an independent learner looking to build a more robust vocabulary or an educator striving for classroom excellence, VocabTrainer provides daily exercises that continuously develop word knowledge and help students succeed.”

How schools and independent learners use

In addition to VocabTrainer, offers even more instruction, review and assessment activities. The Flashcards and Practice features expose learners to new words in multiple contexts and provide students with additional opportunities to boost their vocabulary independently. Other tools, including’s dictionary and Word of the Day, provide approachable definitions and a daily dose of vocabulary that broaden literacy skills. The platform also provides English language learners with a variety of study materials and activities that build a well-rounded vocabulary. As students complete assignments, detailed reporting makes it easier for educators to see each learner’s performance and uncover class trends.

Additionally, learners can use’s adaptive test prep plans to master the words they are most likely to see on the SAT and ACT exams. also hosts the Vocabulary Bowl and Vocabulary Jams, which educators use to gamify instruction and inspire students to master words beyond what was assigned.’s award-winning platform helps learners systematically improve their vocabulary. Adaptive, individualized and interactive, seamlessly integrates with any school curriculum, helping students master the academic vocabulary they’ll encounter in literature, textbooks and standardized tests. The dictionary teaches more than 16,000 words and provides approachable definitions that make them more interesting to learn. To date, nearly 4 million learners in 56,000 schools worldwide have answered more than 7 billion questions on joined the IXL Learning family in 2020.

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