Social and Emotional Learning and Career Readiness As Necessity: Gale Presents: Imago

By Aniqah Majid
November 26, 2021

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.- Gale, a Cengage company, has partnered with social and emotional learning (SEL) innovator IMAGO, to launch an online SEL and career readiness platform, Gale Presents: Imago. The video-based platform, covering content from cognitive flexibility to convergent thinking, will be available to K-12 schools and curriculums across the country. With a focus on soft skills development, the learning tool will be used to improve emotional intelligence and social skills among young learners.

“As a society, we haven’t always prioritized personal health and well-being preventively, and we are still helping to normalize mental wellness intervention.” Said Lemma Shomali, a senior director of product management and strategy for domestic learning at Gale. “Gale Presents: Imago will help schools achieve both for their students. The lessons included on the platform will help users understand that wellness, health, and emotional well-being are as critical to developing skills and habits as other “academic” skills, like reading and writing.”

A 2019 psychological study, found among 450 employees of various enterprises, that there was a significant positive effect emotional intelligence had on job performance and satisfaction, which lowered the chances of burnout.

The study also provided evidence showing how high levels of emotional intelligence can act as a competitive advantage for employees. A further study conducted by TalentSMartEQ found among employees of various sectors and levels, that 90% of top performers were high in emotional intelligence, with a higher average income per year.

IMAGO building relationships lesson.
An IMAGO Building Relationships lesson. [Image: IMAGO].
Emotional intelligence is thus a great predictor in future career prospects, one that goes hand in hand with hard, analytical skills. It is with this that soft skills should be incorporated into school curriculums.

Gale Presents: Imago is designed to facilitate both synchronous and asynchronous lessons with a wide range of accessibility, so students can access their content at any time, anywhere.

The platform also includes family wellness lessons, which focus on areas such as loneliness, anger, and grief.

“What our partnership with Gale can best control is providing individuals and families with the knowledge, language, mindsets, and emotional intelligence skills to use in their lives and model it in their circles. A healthy home is made with healthy habits.” Said Spencer Wallace, Head of Growth at IMAGO. “Family wellness lessons are a product of the unfortunately frequent school district response to crises such as wildfires in California that annually are closing schools and displacing families. Provided free to families, these wellness lessons are a tool to support well-being in schools and beyond.”

Career readiness is an essential conversation for students. Career counselor Jonie Watanabe Tsuji stressed the importance of starting conversations early for young learners and giving them the space to figure out what they want to do outside of academia. “To me, career readiness is a student who has a good sense of him/herself and is willing to listen and have a conversation about the world of work,” Tsuji explained.

On the purpose of Gale Presents: Imago, Wallace says, “our mission is to embed social and emotional learning into every aspect of the human experience to equip students with the critical skills and knowledge for workforce readiness, success, and beyond.”

Though currently available only on K-12 curriculums, IMAGO has mentioned that they are interested in collaboration and looking into expanding Gale Presents: Imago to a higher education audience.

Featured Image: Gale, A Cengage Company.