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Teaching in Texas, A Big Opportunity

By eLearning Inside
September 13, 2022

The world is currently in a teacher talent shortage. According to a Eurydice report, 35 of the 43 education systems in Europe reported a talent shortage. In the U.S., the situation is even direr, with educators in the thousands leaving the profession due to burnout and financial strains. And yet, teaching is not dead in North America, with millions of educators powering through despite the economic turmoil.

Texas is among the states suffering the most from teacher shortage, but a wave of opportunities provided by eLearning resources and other programmes may be able to revitalise the state’s education system.

If you have been thinking of becoming a teacher and are considering Texas as a great option, here are the top reasons to help you make a decision.

Stable Economy

A stable economy plays a significant role in providing job opportunities to its people. Texas is among the largest economy in the US, providing thousands of employment opportunities to Texans. Starting your teaching career in Texas allows you to access myriad benefits for your work.

The state has a high demand for skilled teachers, considering that nearly 40% of its citizens are below 18 years old. Moving to this state allows you to search for the best options with minimal competition, unlike other states.

Great Education Opportunities, Including Scholarships

You can further your studies in your niche while you teach when you enroll as a teacher in Texas. The state government allows individuals with the necessary skills to apply for the available jobs and upgrade their knowledge while working.

Depending on your expertise, you have access to multiple options and have a chance of receiving sponsorships from select learning institutions and organizations passionate about education. And, you can start from whichever level feels comfortable for you mentally and financially.

Flexible Learning Opportunities for Teachers

Thanks to the flexible learning options, you do not have to struggle for your career to take off. You can choose to take online classes and tests during your learning curve if you can’t keep up with in-person learning. The state partners with multiple online higher education institutions like Texas Teachers of Tomorrow to make knowledge more accessible to interested persons within the state. Nevertheless, you are expected to ace your tests and achieve a particular standard to be considered an expert in your niche.

Multiple Certification Options Are Available

Starting from the bottom is not frowned upon in Texas. If you want to begin a teaching career in this state and have no relevant credentials to give you a fighting chance against the available pool of experienced teachers, you do not have to start big. The government allows you to pick the most straightforward options for your niche.

And, if you were a professional in another career, you have the chance of becoming an expert lecturer or teacher in your field. You only have to prove you have enough experience to warrant this position and begin reaping from years of built-up experience.

Excellent Salary even for Beginners

Considering that Texas is among the states with the most stable economy, it’s inevitable that its people receive lucrative salaries. The workforce in this region is currently at a deficit of 36%, now that these are the individuals who are yet to graduate from senior school and join college or university.

The scarcity of workforce laborers makes hiring institutions increase their payment stipend to lure more applicants to sign up. Even beginners are more than welcome to try their hand as teachers, provided they avail enough evidence to prove their eligibility.

The EdTech Scene in Texas is Booming

Texas is no stranger to education technology. From companies like Podium Education, which partners with institutions across the nation to bolster tech skills, and, which allows teachers to better direct their students on their chosen career path – the resources for educators are boundless. tools like these are crucial for teachers as it gives them the use of AI and relevant data points to navigate and support the vast amounts of students they have.

Edtech is now a cornerstone of Texas education, and teachers will find agency in the companies and startups committed to strengthening the state’s education.

A Teacher in Texas

A career in teaching isn’t tricky to pursue if you opt to relocate to Texas. Interested applicants access plenty of help material to make the transition easy. The state government and non-governmental institutions all work in favor of teachers in this location by providing multiple learning opportunities to make it quick to succeed in your teaching career. And with the added advantage of receiving financial assistance to support your studies, nothing should stop you from achieving career success as a teacher in Texas.

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