US Job Growth Outlook for Mathematicians and Statisticians

By eLearning Inside
August 17, 2022

To some, the roles of mathematician and statistician may seem like antiquated careers that don’t belong in today’s largely digital world. This could not be further from the truth.

The skillset of mathematicians and statisticians are vital to industries that involve dealing with large sets of complex data — and almost all companies with a digital platform of some kind fall into this category. As such, mathematicians and statisticians are individuals with skills that are highly sought after by a slew of successful organizations.

The recent findings by the US Labor Department and BLS prove the significance of these professions in their projection of the fastest growing jobs by 2030. Their list includes wind turbine service technicians, Data scientists and mathematical science occupations, and of course, statisticians.

This being the case, many individuals are exploring their options to become qualified for a career in the field, which include options such as undergraduate statistics degree programs and master of statistics online programs.

Those interested in the field can benefit from having a clearer understanding of what one will learn in a program that qualifies them for a job that involves statistics.

Key Concepts in Statistics

To be an adept statistician, one will have to be familiar with several key concepts that are important to applying statistics to data. Knowing what these concepts are can help one develop a rough idea of what statisticians do.

Statistical Methods

Statistical methods are an extremely important concept for aspiring statisticians to become familiar with — especially those who plan on working as data analysts. A solid foundation in statistical methods will prepare statisticians with the skills necessary to conduct studies and analyze their findings.

Computational Statistics

Computational statistics is an important area of study for a statistician in today’s world to be familiar with. This subject acts as a link between the fields of statistics and computer science, and statistician’s hoping to be qualified for prestigious jobs in today’s tech industry will have to have an in-depth understanding of this area of study.

Statistical Models

Statistical models are a vital part of applying statistical concepts to real-world problems. This is especially true in the case of data, and aspiring statisticians will have to have an adept familiarity with the processes of constructing, applying and evaluating statistical models in a range of scenarios.

Careers for Statisticians

The skillset that statisticians have can translate well into a variety of settings. As such, there is a broad scope of careers that statisticians can step into. Those interested in pursuing a career in the field can benefit from having an understanding of the roles that their skills qualify them for.

  • Statistician: Statisticians are professionals who can help organizations determine the types of data that can help them find the information that they are looking for. These professionals can work at a company in a full-time capacity or can work as consultants. Statisticians boast an impressive average median salary, coming in at $95,570.
  • Data scientist: Data scientists use a number of methods to organize data, analyze data and glean insights from data. Many organizations invest a good amount of time and energy into these processes and talented statisticians can typically find work as data scientists. Data scientists boast an average median salary of $98,230.
  • Data Engineer: Data engineers are tasked with duties such as converting raw data into forms of data that can be utilized for specific purposes. They often work with data scientists and build systems that allow these individuals to be able to do their jobs. These professionals boast an average median salary of $110,483.

Take Advantage of a Growing Field

Those looking for a career path that is estimated to grow at a much faster rate than most other jobs can find what they’re looking for in the field of statistics. Whether one is a prospective undergraduate contemplating which educational path to pursue or a professional intent on transitioning into a new career, statistics can offer itself as an amazing choice.

By pursuing an education in statistics, one can qualify themself for a broad range of high-salary roles that will likely continue to grow as time goes on.

Featured image: ismagilov, iStock.