How to Maximize Your Remote Learning Opportunities

By eLearning Inside
June 08, 2020

Remote learning can be a very effective tool for learning. Although it can sometimes be more difficult than other types of learning, especially for people who learn best from others, remote learning can be a great way to maximize your time if you’re unable to attend a school directly. However, there are still certain things that you might need to do if you want to make remote learning even easier. Here’s how to make remote learning better for your needs.

Craft a Schedule

A schedule can work wonders when you’re trying to keep yourself dedicated to your task. For example, you might want to set aside a few hours every day before you go to bed for homework. If you make sure you stick to that schedule every day and genuinely do homework for a few hours every day, you’ll eventually develop a habit. That’ll make it even easier for you to do your homework every day, even if you typically don’t feel like it.

Make Your Workday Feel Like a Workday

One of the reasons some people have a difficult time with remote learning is that many people have a hard time convincing their brain that they need to be working. At home, most people’s brains have a predisposition toward relaxing. That means doing your homework sporadically throughout the day from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep might not be the best option. Instead, set aside distinct times that you will only work, and distinct times that you will relax instead.

Set Aside a Place to Learn

This ties into the previous point. More than likely, your brain figures that you should be relaxing when you’re at home. If you’re not guiding your brain toward the right path, it’s very easy to get disengaged and distracted. Try to avoid doing your classwork while sitting on the couch or laying in bed. Instead, pick a spot that will function as your learning place. This can be as small as a corner of the room where you set up a simple desk. As long as you relegate classwork to this corner of the room, you’re likely to be able to maintain your class headspace.

Find Engaging Teachers

This isn’t as easy as the other ones. Most of the time, you don’t really have an option when it comes to your teachers, which means you just have to make the best with what you have. That’s when it’s time to seek out other teachers. Solutions like OneClass livestream offer access to talented teachers who know how to connect with students. Every time you attend one of these livestreams, you can obtain knowledge from a teacher who works well with you.


Most people prefer to be in a classroom learning things as opposed to remote learning. However, whether you’re just unable to attend classes in person or there’s a short-term issue that’s impeding your ability to attend classes, remote learning can be a genuinely positive experience. The most important thing to do is make sure you’re treating remote learning as a “real” form of learning. From there, you’ll be able to learn about as well as you would in any other situation.

Featured Image: Fabian Grohs, Unsplash.

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