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Generation USA and College of Southern Nevada to Offer Online Digital Marketing and IT Training at No Cost

By Henry Kronk
January 27, 2021

Thanks in part to funding from Verizon, the non-profit Generation USA announced it will partner with the College of Southern Nevada to offer two accredited online degrees at no cost to learners. The new offerings include IT Help Desk Technician and Digital Marketing Analyst tracks.

The College of Southern Nevada serves Las Vegas and the surrounding Clark County. It offers hundreds of degrees and certificates, 26 of which can be pursued entirely online.

Degrees in Digital Marketing and IT Helpdesk Will Be Offered for Free at the College of Southern Nevada with Support from Generation USA

Generation USA, meanwhile, was established in 2020. It provides free online training in high-demand skills and career support in cities around the U.S.

“We’re excited to partner with Generation USA to give our students the additional support and resources they need to achieve success beyond graduation. This is a business and industry partnership that is designed to transition our program graduates to jobs,” said Dr. Federico Zaragoza, President of the College of Southern Nevada, in a statement. “We’re confident our students will expand their skill sets and make the most of these new, online training offerings which align with our mission to empower our students and communities to achieve, succeed, and prosper.”

Verizon Pledges to Train 500,000 People for the Digital Workforce by 2030

The offering is made possible in part with support from Verizon. Through its Citizen Verizon initiative, the company has set a goal to train 500,000 people to give them “the opportunity for job placement into paid work within three months of graduation,” according to the initiative’s site. Citizen Verizon also offers its own online courses in select cities.

According to Generation USA, Verizon has made a commitment to invest $44 million in the org over “several” years.

“We’re excited to partner with the College of Southern Nevada to empower students to create their own pathways for career success,” said Generation USA CEO Sean Segal, in a statement. “Not only are we preparing these students for jobs in the digital world, but we’re also equipping them with mentorship and social support services while creating a network of companies to help place graduates.”

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  1. It is clear that the government has no control over federal dollars being given away. The monitoring of schools has been a disaster and the accreditation of schools is NOT dependable unless you are Ivy League school bound. Yes, smaller programs should receive funding but only with measures in pLace to ensure that every dollar is spent wisely. Money should be used as a stepping stone and should also be given to programs that provide internships that assist getting a decent first job. From there a student gains the ability to pay more of a portion of their own college expense and should be able to borrow say 50% of a college class. Community college should be free for a certain amount of credits with assistance for books for truly poor. Graduate students should pay for themselves through either job assistance or having assets to acquire a loan through a credit union or bank. I could be totally flawed in my thinking about things but I have spent many years in college and have seen a lot of waste. The for-profit college is a experience started as a good idea but has proven to be disasterous when they started trading on Wall Street. Greed and strong lobbying to keep the gravy train rolling along should have stopped a long time ago. Great performing regional programs working with local employers that gives a great stepping stone to grow and pay for future education is the way to go.

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