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Improving math skills with private tutoring

By eLearning Inside
July 08, 2024

Many young learners struggle to understand various concepts in mathematics due to a range of challenges common in congested school classrooms. Interactivity, concentration, and a lack of personalized learning could mean children who need extra help are constantly having to catch up to their peers.

One-to-one learning via a personal tutor can provide many benefits to a person which they may not get from school. Since the pandemic, tutoring online and remote learning has ballooned and developed into a whole industry, with heavyweights like Udemy, Coursera, and BJYU offering extensive online learning materials.

Resources like MyTutor and Preply offer services specific to tutoring and have even been integrated into school learning for students who need extra help. Personal tutoring has now become an accessible and affordable solution to support young learners with their learning, especially in subjects as complex as math.

Learn at the Right Pace

Sometimes, schools try to cover the entire syllabus by increasing the teaching speed. Although a faster learning pace helps cover many vital areas, it has a significant disadvantage. The teacher may skimp on essential details in a rush to cover a particular mathematical lesson. In such cases, your child might not feel comfortable enough to ask the teacher to go over it again.

That’s why a private maths tutor is important. As a tutor works with just your child, they don’t need to maintain a frantic pace. When you hire a good maths tutor, your child can take lessons independently.

Personalized Attention

The lack of personalized attention is a major reason kids have difficulty understanding maths. In a standard classroom with many children, there’s not enough time for the teacher to offer one-on-one learning. In such cases, it’s easy for your child to feel neglected and left out, especially if they don’t understand the lesson.

On the other hand, a private maths tutor offers guidance and support for your child’s needs. Due to the much smaller learning environment, a tutor can easily evaluate your child’s abilities, weaknesses, and preferences to determine the best way to teach. Furthermore, a tutor provides instant feedback and correction, ensuring kids learn each lesson properly before going to the next.

Better Understanding of Mathematical Concepts

Many kids find maths scary due to the various abstract concepts involved. Although a teacher breaks down these concepts into simple forms, the large number of kids in a class means there’s a high chance that some kids will understand a mathematical concept better than others.

However, a private tutor is skilled in breaking complex concepts into smaller portions for younger minds. As a tutor focuses solely on your kid, they can teach mathematical concepts in a way your child specifically relates to. They present mathematical lessons using various techniques and real-life examples your child understands.

Greater Learning Experience

At school, kids are usually only taught what’s on the syllabus. However, your child deserves more than that. One advantage of hiring a private maths tutor is that they typically teach more than the curriculum. Besides learning mathematics, your child will be taught efficient study techniques, time management, and overcoming various challenges.

Most of these skills can be easily applied to everyday life. In addition to math, a private tutor teaches helpful skills your child can use practically.

Top Tips for Hiring a Private Tutor for Your Child

Now, you know the importance of hiring a private maths tutor for your child. However, choosing the right tutor for your child can be tedious sites like make it easier. We’ve compiled some top tips for hiring a private tutor.

  • Thoroughly verify the education qualifications of the tutor
  • Ensure the tutor has a high level of experience in teaching the specialised subject
  • Study the personal skills and characteristics of the tutor
  • Ensure the tutor is honest, disciplined, and reliable
  • Choose a tutor that provides top-quality learning at a reasonable price

The next steps

There are many benefits of hiring a private maths tutor for your child. Besides teaching your child at an understandable pace, a good tutor offers a one-on-one learning experience. Your child can make and learn from mistakes freely, greatly improving their confidence.

Simply put, if your child struggles with mathematics or wishes to improve their skills, consider hiring an experienced private maths tutor.

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