4 Great Paying Jobs You Can Get with an MBA

By eLearning Inside
May 03, 2021

Getting an MBA has never been easier. Well, it will never be easy, but you have so many options now at your disposal. In addition to the many schools in your area offering programs, there is a wide range of online MBAs that you can pursue no matter your current schedule.

In 2021, almost everything has gone online, so the digital approach is not only more convenient, but it’s more familiar and common than ever.

If you start right now, you can potentially have an MBA in two to four years, depending upon how many hours you are able to put in per week. That means, even if you only go part-time, there is a short-term route to improving your life — and your salary. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the MBA graduate average salary is $20,000 more than the salary of workers who only have a bachelor’s degree in business.

It doesn’t take a math wizard to see that the return on investment should pay off very very quickly.

As for what you can do with an MBA, that’s another major plus. There are so many career paths that open up. These four are among the best potential jobs you can get with an MBA.

Investment Banker

Banking is one of the first sectors people associate with an MBA. While an MBA grad doesn’t have to fall into this path, it is still a popular and solid choice. Especially if you are fond of Wall Street, it makes a lot of sense to move into the world of investment banking. Even if it isn’t for you long term, the experience — and the money potential — is tough to beat when you’re getting started.

Sales Director

Another traditional path for the business-minded is sales. It remains a leading choice, and there are opportunities in almost every sector. No matter what a company makes or provides, someone has to sell it. With an MBA, you can get on the fast track to a supervisory role overseeing teams and optimizing processes. That is a high-level role with a high-level salary.

Data Analyst

In the corporate world today, everything is data, data, data. Getting into this field now can be a huge boon to your future earnings and employability. Really, this is still the infancy of data management and analysis, so any MBA who could become a data analyst or a business intelligence analyst could be in for a great future.

IT Manager

While most people think IT is the realm of programmers, coders and general geeks, there are supervisory roles that require real business chops. An IT manager position does require some specialized knowledge, but you don’t necessarily have to be a world-leading computer expert. This is a lucrative and in-demand job that can be pursued through an MBA with a focus in information systems.

Getting a Great Job With an MBA Graduate Salary

The average salary of MBA graduate is almost always higher than someone with only a bachelor’s degree. It also opens a wide range of avenues in many different industries. Picking some sort of focus usually helps, but companies are keen to hire people with this impressive accomplishment on their resume.

Whether you want to be an investment banker, sales director, data analyst, IT manager or something else, you should consider getting an online MBA. It won’t take as long as you might think, and you will have so many options after you graduate.

Featured Image:, Unsplash.