Ways to Boost Your Resume As A College Freshman

By eLearning Inside
November 28, 2022

The pressure to create a strong resume without experience can be tremendous for a college freshman. Carving out a career whilst still in college is a strategy many students choose to take, so having a comprehensive bank of skills and expertise in their resume is essential.

There are actionable steps undergraduates can take to bolster up their employability, and gain skills and expertise outside of their part-time job. Here are a few ways to start.

Volunteer for Non-Profits

Only some have the freedom to volunteer for non-profits. This is because, firstly, working people need to earn an excellent income to survive and secondly, they have other priorities. However, as a college student, you can invest a few hours each week to volunteer in non-profits.

You can engage in manual or remote work that involves collecting McDVoice survey forms or other jobs. It will not only help you increase your experience but also will empower you with new skills.

Numerous non-profit organizations in the country accept volunteer work. Such works are either remote or on-site. Depending upon your convenience, you can engage in any of these.

Join A Student Union

Joining the student union is an excellent way of staying active in college. It helps you to gain leadership skills which are always in high demand. Additionally, as a part of the student union, you will come across ample opportunities for which you can take responsibility.

Join a Hackathon

If you are pursuing any computer-related course, taking part in a hackathon is an excellent way of flaunting your skills. There are numerous global and national hackathons in which you can take part from the comfort of your home.

A good rank and even an improved graph can help prove to your interviewer why you are perfect for a particular skill. Even if you fail to score a good rank but improve it consistently, you can still show it in your resume as a quick learner ready to improve.

Many students make the mistake of simply listing out skills like “quick learner” on their resume. However, with the evidence of improved rank, you can show them that you possess this skill instead of just telling them.

Take A Leading Role In A Club/Society

Many students join a club or society during their college days which is good. However, if you want to shine even in this crowd, it becomes vital for you to take a leading role in it. It will give you a competitive edge over your peers. Additionally, it will rain to help you to showcase your leadership skills.

For example, if you are in a marketing club, you can start an initiative like collecting survey forms similar to TalkToWendys to improve customer experience. Therefore, we recommend you join a society or club in the first year. Doing it will help you to climb to a leading role by the time you graduate.


If you want to gain experience on your own terms, freelancing is a great alternative. There are multiple platforms online which will help you to become a freelancer in a field in which you excel. You also have the option of creating a portfolio of your freelance work. When freelancing, ensure that you receive positive feedback, which you can later show or talk about during your interview.

Start A Blog / YouTube Channel/ Branded Social Media Account

The beauty of the digital platform is the independence that it can give. Thanks to it, you can start a blog, YouTube Channel, or professional social media account on any topic of your interest. Considering the fact that you are choosing a niche of your interest, upscaling on the platform will be relatively easy. You can state the same if you get good hits on these platforms.

If your blogging receives a good number of readers, you can showcase your writing and SEO skills. Similarly, a successful YouTube channel reflects your visual communication skill. Your social media account with a large follower base results from your marketing skills. Finally, with success stories in any or all of these platforms, you can show your in-depth knowledge in a particular niche.

Featured image: Xavier Lorenzo, iStock.