Capturing the Past in Virtual Reality: An Interview with Simon Che de Boer

By Henry Kronk September 14, 2018

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che de boer photographs nefertari's tomb for virtual environment

“I thought, ‘Could I use my old family photographs of my place to recreate my old house so my daughter and I could go home?’ I didn’t know anything about virtual reality, I just knew how to put things together. So I spent many years working on a pipeline of how to do things. Along the way, I discovered photogrammetry. So when I was getting into it, photogrammetry was very new, no one was doing environments.”

How VR in Journalism Education Keeps Learners Abreast With a Rocky Media Landscape

By Henry Kronk June 26, 2018

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vr in journalism

In one sense, VR in journalism is still traditional journalism. Reporters will still be asking the ‘Five Ws and One H.’ But the new medium also brings along new ways in which people consume news, new ethical concerns, and new methods to gain a viewer’s trust.

OU Journalism Majors Report in VR

By Henry Kronk June 25, 2018

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University professors are finding uses for virtual reality (VR) in fields from medicine to aviation. A new program at the University of Oklahoma’s (OU) Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication isn’t teaching with VR. Instead, it teaches students how to produce it.

Educators Harness Virtual Reality to Enhance Special Needs Education

By Henry Kronk June 18, 2018

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virtual reality special needs education

Many instructors in the field of special needs education have likely heard of virtual reality (VR) and its uses for learners with physical or mental disabilities. But how should it be used? When? And for which groups of learners?

Google Releases Tour Creator, An App that Lets Students Design their Own VR Journey

By Henry Kronk May 10, 2018

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google tour creator

It’s teacher appreciation week and the folks at Google took the opportunity to showcase yet another addition to their education services. For many U.S. students in K-12 classrooms, Google Expeditions was their introduction to virtual reality. Built on the Google Daydream platform, and coupled with the very inexpensive Cardboard headsets, students could explore places such as the International Space Station, Machu Pichu, and Antarctica from their desks. On Wednesday, the search engine giant announced yet another addition to their VR offerings. Tour Creator allows students to, well, create their own VR tours.

How PIXO Decided to Develop a Gamified VR OSHA Training Module, and Why It’s Better than Your Typical Safety Course

By Henry Kronk March 31, 2018

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osha training

“Our gaming background means that we bring a very specific set of expertise to the table. It doesn’t mean that we’re making OSHA training as fun as playing soccer. It means that we know how to build really beautiful, expansive, immersive worlds in which the VR training takes place.”