LearnLaunch Accelerator Partners with ETS to Boost Their Next Round of Edtech Startups

By Henry Kronk June 04, 2018

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On Monday, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and LearnLaunch Accelerator announced they would collaborate to offer support and resources for edtech startups. The non-profit organization that has administered the SATs, GREs and TOEFLs among other widely used tests, will essentially lend its clout and deep pockets to the ongoing work of LearnLaunch.

Microsoft Word Is Rolling Out Some New Features. But Will It Help Its Melting Popularity?

By Henry Kronk April 30, 2018

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microsoft word

Once the king of basic operational software, Microsoft Word is not quite taking this insurgency lying down. In January of this year, the company announced it would be prototyping  the new ‘Editor Overview Pane.’ The new feature began to rollout last week.

3DBear Brings Animation, AR, and 3D Printing to the Classroom

By Henry Kronk March 30, 2018

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“With 3DBear, we could unleash the creativity in children and channel their innate energies for good. Moreover, as Finland is known for the best educational system in the world, we thought that we were in a unique position to develop a pedagogical solution which focuses on the learning progress enabled by new technologies and not the technologies itself.”

Apple Launches a New iPad Along with Updated Software for the Classroom

By Henry Kronk March 27, 2018

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When the dust cleared, although he and other Apple reps announced quite a few new products and developments, the world was left underwhelmed. The biggest development of the event was a revamped 9.7” iPad intended for the classroom. The tablet retails for $329 for the public and $299 for students. That’s certainly in the realm of affordability for many districts, but it still drew eye-rolls considering it’s the same price as the iPad unveiled last year.

EdTech and Investing Outside the Valley: A Conversation with Christopher Nyren

By Henry Kronk October 28, 2017

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My issue here is just about bad business practices that don’t work given how our education system actually functions.  This is wasting billions of dollars of well meaning capital that could otherwise be productively deployed to help education companies that actually do work.