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Quizlet Reaches 50 Million Active Users and Announces a Second Office in Denver

By Henry Kronk
October 30, 2018

Quizlet describes itself as a ‘user-generated consumer learning platform.’ The platform allows for the creation of online flash cards and numerous other study tools that can be created by leaners or teachers to prepare for assessments. Sometime in October, the company drew in its 50 millionth active monthly user, making it the largest provider of its kind.

Much like notes taken in difficult classes in the pen-and-paper days, Quizlet flashcards are often passed down to future learners to benefit from the study prep others have done before. Many teachers invite this process. According to the company, they are now used by two in three American high schools, half of U.S. colleges, and by numerous other institutions in every country around the world.

Quizlet Expands

That success has brought the need for expansion. On Tuesday, the company announced it would open a new office in Denver, its first expansion outside of the Bay Area.

“With more than 50 million students and educators now using our platform each month, people around the world are leveraging Quizlet as an invaluable tool to help practice and master any topic,” said CEO Matthew Glotzbach in a release. “We have a big vision at Quizlet to provide the most intelligent study tools in the world, and our expansion into Denver, a city with incredible tech ingenuity, will help us more quickly build the next generation of learning tools used by students everywhere.”

“We are so pleased that Quizlet chose Colorado’s thriving tech sector to fuel their explosive growth,” said Stephanie Copeland, Colorado Office of Economic Development Executive Director, in a release. “Quizlet’s industry-leading technology and need for a high concentration of diverse, highly educated talent are the perfect pairing with metro Denver’s robust talent pool and tech density. We look forward to seeing Quizlet’s continued growth and success from their expansion to Colorado.”

Glotzbach believes the Denver location will, in time, employ hundreds of workers. But for now, they’ll start small, hiring somewhere around 25 employees by the end of 2019.

“I recognize that the Bay Area hasn’t cornered the market on smart and talented people,” Glotzbach told the Denver Post. “We want to be where the talent is and Denver is the next great place. Last but not least, it is easy to get to and from San Francisco.”

An AI-Powered Tutor

The company has largely expanded its offerings in recent years, with new products such as Diagrams, Live (which allows for in-class practice and game-based instruction), and Learn, their mobile app.

In February of this year, the company secured $20 million in Series B funding. According to a blog post by Glotzbach at the time, a good deal of this funding will go into developing AI-based instruction.

As Glotzbach writes, “one big area we’ve recently focused on is bringing machine learning and artificial intelligence to Quizlet with our Learning Assistant Platform, which powers Quizlet Learn. The Learning Assistant Platform uses machine learning to process data from billions of anonymous study sessions and then combines that with proven techniques from cognitive science to more effectively help students learn. I see this platform as the beginning of our efforts in this space and know we can do more to build what will ultimately be an artificial-intelligence powered tutor that will help any anyone learn anything.”

That development isn’t coming cheap. The Denver Post reports that the average salary at Quizlet’s new campus will be $156,567—far higher than practically every estimate of the average software engineer’s salary in New York and the Bay Area.

Featured Image: William Iven, Unsplash.