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Plagiarism is a Big Problem in US Education, Why Plagiarism Checkers are Essential

By Victoria Berman
June 27, 2022

eLearning tools have become imperative to modern K-12 and higher education, whether it be supplementary math apps, to engineering software, in 2022 technology and education go hand-in-hand. This wave does not seem to be crashing, the LMS platform, Schoology, boasts a student user-base of 20 million, and the multi-scale learning platform BJYU’S has a whole suite of educational products, from 1-to-1 tutoring to self-paced coding courses.

This new era of education is exciting and optimistic but comes with its challenges. With the source material shifting from paperback to internet articles and PDF files, a large increase in plagiarism can be spotted especially in the eLearning field.

Some teachers are very lenient, but others impose strict rules regarding plagiarism as serious legal consequences can occur. In addition to that, the learning process can be seriously undermined and the quality of education can significantly drop.

Plagiarism has always been an issue in education, made more complex in the tech era

To avoid plagiarism, first, it’s important to understand what it means. A 2021 report from plagiarism checker CopyLeaks found that the practice increased 10% after the pandemic, with the rate of copying in students working jumping from 35% to 45%. The study was conducted among 51,000 students worldwide at the high school and college levels.

Plagiarism is any quote or piece of information taken for one’s own use, without correct citation. Plagiarism can be detrimental to the overall learning process. Many teachers swear by online plagiarism checkers to combat the problem of plagiarism.

What Is A Plagiarism Checker

A plagiarism checker is a tool that instantly identifies copied or plagiarized content. Teachers can use these tools to force students to learn and to search for correct source citations. However, accidental plagiarism can be committed by anyone and it can lead to uncomfortable situations, so by using a quality plagiarism checker these types of situations can be completely avoided.

The best plagiarism detector not only detects plagiarism but also identifies writing-related problems. These types of plagiarism detectors provide more features that will allow you to have greater control over your feedback as a teacher or if you are a student, correct your mistakes in an instant.

Plagiarism checkers come with a paid or free plan, depending on what you need. If you need to conduct plagiarism checks on a regular basis, a paid plan might be the most suitable option for you.

There are a ton of applications out there, a lot of which you have heard of. For complex research articles to book reports, students can count on the likes of Grammarly, CopyLeaks, and Quetext to thoroughly weed out the inconsistencies in their writing. Even Microsoft Word has a plagiarism checker built into its software, making it hard to forget a reference or missing link.

The Benefits Of A Plagiarism Checker

The benefits of using a plagiarism checker are numerous, both for students and teachers.

Quick assessment

Plagiarism checkers are insanely fast. All you have to do is just copy and paste the text you want to be checked and all the necessary feedback will be displayed in an instant. If you have committed plagiarism, links to the source will be provided so you can either correct your mistake with a proper citation or resolve the plagiarism by removing the plagiarism content.

The tool has access to various databases and indexes, enabling detailed reports on your plagiarism checks.

Get More Out Of Your Education

Serious plagiarism will hinder the education process and most of the time, students will not master the subjects that are required for successful studies. This is why teachers should always inform their students beforehand about the dangers of plagiarism.

By using plagiarism checkers, teachers instil a good work ethic and incentivize students to actually do proper research which will result in a better learning process.

Enhances writing

Writing assignments is not an easy task and we can all use a helping hand from time to time. For that reason, plagiarism checkers can also offer alternative paraphrasing options to help learners improve their writing skills.

You can then analyze the text and make necessary corrections. A plagiarism checker can be used as an additional learning tool that will help students hone their writing skills.

Maintaining Credibility

If your students’ work is constantly plagiarized, and you don’t take steps to stop it, no one will take your eLearning platform seriously. Plagiarism checkers will not only help you maintain your professional reputation but also prevent costly issues such as copyright infringement.

Plagiarism checkers can also be very beneficial in developing moral and ethical virtues in students.

LMS Integration

Plagiarism Checker is easily integrated with most learning management systems. This feature allows eLearning institutions to keep their courses professional and encourage learners to improve their assignments.

In addition to that, if you want to publish your work, you will have to make sure that it isn’t plagiarism-infested. Publishing plagiarized work can decrease your trustworthiness and credibility.

Final Thoughts

An online survey from The International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI), revealed that 95% of students have admitted to plagiarism or cheating at least once in their education. This is why the world of eLearning emphasizes the importance of using plagiarism checkers. To avoid plagiarism and other copyright infringements, make use of plagiarism checkers all the time.

Featured image: Viktoriia Oleinichenko, iStock.