Online Tools That Can Help You Write an Essay

By eLearning Inside
October 26, 2020

Students face multiple challenges related to their writing activity. They have to write different essays for different purposes. Oftentimes, they fail because their essay writing skills aren’t good enough. Thus, many folks use a custom essay writing service to resolve their major difficulties online. Indeed, professional writing services help students write essays. However, there’s another way to use the Internet. You can find and apply different online tools, which help to enhance writing skills and write high-quality essays. Let’s check some of the most useful tools.


This is a very famous and resourceful checking app. Grammarly quickly scans the text and provides the results with the full list of mistakes. It highlights the following mistakes:

  • Grammatical;
  • Spelling;
  • Punctuation;
  • Vocabulary.

Mind that it instantly proposes the correct variants. You only should click on the proposal and the app automatically fixes the error. It can be downloaded and inbuilt in Microsoft Word to instantly check your documents. Moreover, you can build it into your browser to check every website you visit!

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is another great writing and editing tool, which also checks grammar. However, it’s more specific. It provides the following facts about the text:

  • Sentences that are hard and very hard to read;
  • Overuse of adverbs;
  • Overuse of the passive voice;
  • Phrases that have a simpler synonym.

It can be used online for free. If you decide to install it on your laptop, it’ll cost $19.99. The Hemingway app also suggests the correct variants.

A man sits writing at a desk in the dark.
Steve Houston, Unsplash.


A good writer should constantly extend his/her vocabulary. Otherwise, it’ll be uninteresting to read your essays with the same words. Thus, you can use Thesaurus, which is a very resourceful online vocabulary. Oftentimes, students don’t know a synonym or antonym to a concrete word. Sometimes they choose the words, which seem to be the right ones but with a different meaning. Using this vocabulary, you’ll quickly find the right synonyms and antonyms.

Google Timer

Sometimes the simplest methods are the best. Thus, you may use the product of Google called Google Timer. Its principle is very easy. You should set a timer, which will be in front of you. It’s very important for students who don’t control their time efficiently. A few people know that it’s much better to cut the writing process into smaller chunks. Thus, you’d better set a reminder for 45-60 minutes. When the time expires, make a break, have some rest, and return to the work recharged. This app offers some other smart tips on time management.

Google Docs

Another product of Google is well-known to everyone. It’s called Google Docs and it has many conveniences and functions to offer. It has the same features as Microsoft Word and so, you can download your doc files over there. Afterward, write, edit, change, and save your files online. It can work in the offline regime too.

The storage is 15GB and so, you can write thousands of papers and the free space will remain. You can upload photos too. It’s possible to share files with other people. You should only make sure they also use the same application.

Dragon Dictation

People who write too slow or have some physical problems with gripping should obligatorily consider Dragon Dictation. It’s a smart online tool, which is activated with your voice. You should clearly dictate the text and the smart app will write after you. Of course, you’ll have to check the text after you finish the dictation. Perhaps you’ve vocalized some words not clear enough and the app has mistakenly written the wrong word. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent tool for students.

Helpful Online Websites

You should also take into account special online writing websites. They were created to help students and writers improve their skills and write perfect pieces. We don’t mean custom writing companies. We mean websites, which teach to enhance writing skills, avoid potential mistakes, and overcome common writing problems. Let’s check on several websites.

Obligatorily use all the tools we’ve mentioned, as well as check special websites. They all are resourceful and have their own benefits. Using their help, you’ll quickly improve your essay writing skills to write perfect pieces.