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How your Boss Can Help You Fund Your Education

By eLearning Inside
December 16, 2021

Full-time employment assures you of a steady source of income. However, you cannot remain to do the same thing for the rest of your life. Your chances of promotions or transferring to a new type of job increase, only when you have new knowledge and skills on hand. Joining an online master’s program or online courses are great options to increase your skill-set.

The moot question is, will your current employer agree to release you for a full-time course, or even agree to flexible hours of work plus study? On your part, you will have to sacrifice much of your free time. You might even have to change your lifestyle. Above all, you will need help with tuition fees, and your employer can help you with that.

Know the Company’s Policies

Does your current company have programs that deal with tuition reimbursement or education benefits for its employees? It is quite possible that the organization has link-ups with local educational institutions too. Explore your employee handbook. Contact the HR department. Discuss with other employees, especially those who have been with the company for a long time.

Have Clarity about your Goal

Your employer must realize that you have a clear objective in wishing to go back to school. There must be clarity about which course of study you desire to pursue, and why. It should not only benefit you personally but add value to the organization too. You will even be able to outline your study schedule, and how much time you will need to complete it. In short, go all out to ease concerns about maintaining a work-school balance.

View Everything in Context

Since you will be allotting quite a bit of time to your studies, your job arrangements may have to undergo a change. Therefore, place your request for additional funds in the context of work-study balance. In other words, your employer must receive a clear answer to the question – How will your additional qualifications benefit the establishment? Will you be bringing a new set of skills to the workplace? Will your master’s degree allow you to advance in the organization?

You may point out to your employer that financing beneficial educational programs can prevent the high turnover of employees. Recruiting talented people will become easier since the establishment offers opportunities for professional improvement.

Agree to the Conditions Attached to Assistance

It is natural for your current employer to be apprehensive about your verbal promises. Therefore, there may be a decision to put everything down in writing. This is reasonable since the organization is ready to spend a large sum in helping you acquire your master’s degree. After all, you are an investment, and the company expects a return on that investment. There may even be a clause stating that if you decide to leave the company, you must return the money spent on your studies. Whatever is the case, peruse the contract, and sign it.

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