How to Write an Argumentative Essay

By eLearning Inside
April 07, 2023

After you finish high school, the next step is to join a course of study in your dream college/university.

However, you should demonstrate that you’re competent enough with the quality of the essays you submit. One of the types of essays that you may have to write is the AP Lang argumentative essay. These essays show your level of competence in different areas, including:

  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Your language prowess
  • Ability to organize your thoughts
  • How you present your evidence
  • Rhetorical analysis capabilities

Some students don’t even know what AP Lang argumentative essays are about. So what effects do these essays have on your college credit? Let’s explore.

What Is the AP Language Argument Essay?

An AP Lang argumentative essay is an academic piece in which you’re expected to take a particular stand on an issue. As you argue your point of view, you should acknowledge opposing viewpoints on the matter in question. You should persuade the readers of your viewpoint by providing enough credible evidence on the matter.

Right from your thesis statement, the reader should know the position you intend to take in your AP Lang argument essay. Don’t leave anyone second-guessing what you’re discussing in your AP English language paper.

Explain the merits of your arguments in the body paragraphs. While you aren’t expected to conduct research from external sources, you can get your supporting evidence from a wide range of areas, including:

  • Personal experiences
  • Movies and music
  • Historical and current events
  • Scientific discoveries

Writing an AP Language Argument Essay

Some students aren’t sure about how to craft AP Lang argument essays. For instance, some struggle to understand the prompts on rhetorical analysis.

There are other style guides online that can help, from the likes of Purdue University and Grammarly.  Students can even order an essay to get a visual example. So here’re the tips for composing an excellent AP Lang synthesis essay.

How Will AP Scores Impact My College Chances?

You’ve worked hard to secure top scores in your AP tests. As a result, you may be wondering if these scores influence your college admission.

Some schools require that you send the AP scores. In such cases, it means the admission committee will look at the scores. So, you should record impressive scores if you want to feel confident reporting them.

Top AP scores always work in your favor. For instance, they show the selection committee that you are serious about your academic performance.

In addition, since other students are also interested in the same college as you are, a top AP score makes you stand out.

Summing Up

You should prioritize your AP Lang argument essay if you want top AP scores. First, analyze the topic you’re expected to discuss. Then brainstorm the issues you’ll discuss on the argumentative subject before you take a stand.

Finally, after you decide the side of the subject you intend to discuss, collect enough evidence and examples to help answer the argument essay question sufficiently.

Next, assess your points and determine the AP Lang argumentative outline you intend to follow. Then craft your argumentative paper expertly and exhaustively. Remember, the content of your entire essay should be connected to the thesis statement.

Lastly, edit the AP Lang argumentative essay and ensure it’s flawless before you turn it in.

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