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Highlighting The Role Of Education In A Growing Community

By eLearning Inside
February 07, 2022

Education allows societies to thrive and progress. A community with more educated people is more likely to contribute to its environment positively. Because of this, education is becoming an increasingly important aspect of society, resulting in governments investing more in it than ever before.

Education plays a crucial role in life. Understanding its importance is also critical for success in an era when education is a prerequisite for success.

Why is Early Education Important?

We are well aware that today’s children will become the adults of tomorrow. They are the future of any country; thus, their education must be more tailored to ensure a brighter future. However, we still need to raise public awareness about early childhood education.

The lack of awareness among parents regarding the significance of early childhood education and their involvement has created many learning barriers for the young one’s development. Because of the pivotal role that parents and teachers alike play in the development and growth of children, most institutes have made it a compulsion for teachers to have a Master’s in Educational Learning. Consequently, most teachers are now enrolling in the online master’s program to ensure that they are qualified for their job.

Schools need to stimulate young, impressionable minds with curiosity to become better human beings. For instance, giving a problem to children and asking them to come up with a way to solve it will help develop their problem-solving skills. Apart from the curriculum, schools should also focus on introducing activities as part of teaching physical activities and education are essential for a child’s growth.

According to Pearson’s reports, 57 million children do not know what it’s like to attend school. Meanwhile, millions more are getting an education but not learning.

Globally, education is not just about access but also progress.

So, on this note, we’re going to highlight how education can benefit the growth of a society:

Improve Your Decision-Making And Critical Thinking Skills

As soon as you get your college degree, you will begin your journey to the real world; you can find a job, pay taxes, and so on. But, perhaps your parents and others around you have already imagined you behind a desk.

With all the years you’ve spent in school, you should be able to make sound decisions about various things, such as whether you should buy a car or a house or pay off your student loans. Education helps in cultivating critical thinking skills in an individual. Using these skills, an educated person can easily make all the important decisions of their lives. Moreover, they can also participate in projects that help improve their neighbourhood, such as assisting the less fortunate and encouraging the children to study.

Employment Opportunities Increased

An economic downturn makes it difficult to find a job. As a result, a vacant position may have hundreds of candidates competing for it. Similarly, the lower the educational level, the more applicants there are for the same low-paying entry-level job.

Most well-paying jobs tend to go to people with good academic backgrounds. The better a person’s education and accomplishments, the better the job opportunities. Educated people who grew up in poverty have a high chance of transforming their lives, thus helping society reduce its poverty rate. Education and poverty are interlinked, and through education, one can get rid of poverty.

With the proper education and qualifications, you can land a lucrative job. So try to learn, educate yourself, graduate, and acquire as many skills, qualifications, knowledge, and experiences as you can to set yourself apart from the crowd. Doing this is quite easy nowadays, thanks to technological advancements. Now you can get qualifications and certifications without spending a dime using free online teaching platforms such as Udemy and Coursera, to name a few.

For instance, in the U.S., the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that earnings increase and unemployment decreases with educational attainment. According to the chart, workers with more education earn more and have lower unemployment rates than those with less education.

The lowest educated workers had the highest unemployment rate (5.4%) and the lowest median earnings ($592) of all education levels in 2019. In contrast, those with a graduate degree had the lowest unemployment ratio and highest-earning jobs.

The data is part of the BLS Current Population Survey. This monthly survey collects information on the labor force, including age, employment status, and other characteristics.

Enhancing the Economy

In every sense, education is fundamental to development. Without substantial investment in human capital, countries cannot achieve sustainable economic growth. Education leads to a deeper understanding of the self and the world. In addition to improving the quality of their lives, it benefits individuals and society. The advancement of technology and entrepreneurship is promoted by education, which increases productivity and creativity. These all factors, in turn, contribute to improving the economy of a country.

Education helps economies grow since it entails gaining knowledge and applying it wisely to our lives while improving the lives of others at the same time. A nation’s productivity rises as its number of educated workers increases since skilled workers can quickly accomplish tasks. That creates individuals capable of working in new areas like science and technology.

Life with Prosperity and Happiness

Societies have always valued education. To be successful and satisfied, people should become educated and obtain well-paying jobs. By doing this, your reputation improves, and you will be more likely to succeed in your career. It also creates financial resources for stable lives, allowing people to purchase their own homes and secure the happiness and success of their children.

Furthermore, owning a home provides stability and increased self-confidence. As a result, families and communities become more prosperous and happier. Children whose parents own their homes have a greater chance of graduating from college than children whose parents rent.

Contribute to Society

An educated person realizes how important it is to live in a safe and secure community. In addition to improving their neighbourhood, they are usually more inclined to take part in projects that benefit society, too.

Furthermore, when people have their own homes, they are likely to improve their homes and solve local problems. So, we should help the less fortunate make the world a better place for everyone.


Education benefits are numerous, including respect, higher positions in society and a professional environment, financial stability, family stability, and much more.
According to Mandela, the most potent instrument for changing the world is education. Education enables people to become better citizens, find better-paying jobs, and distinguish between good and bad.

Hard work and education help us develop as individuals and show us the importance of hard work. Likewise, our knowledge and respect for laws, rights, and regulations enable us to improve society.

Featured image: Nick Morrison, Unsplash.