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Brainly’s Gamification Initiative Delivers Impressive Results for Students

By eLearning Inside
January 28, 2022

NEW YORK — As parents, teachers, and students continue to embrace new tech-driven tools for learning outside the classroom, gamification, or the application of game elements and design within non-gaming digital environments, is emerging as a key product differentiator. Brainly, the largest online learning platform of its kind, announced today the results from a successful Phase One of its gamification programs, revealing the system’s growing potential for building student confidence and driving positive learning outcomes.

Gamification has long been a part of Brainly and has been a key factor in driving the platform’s success to date. The program rewards students for their individual progress and contributions to the communal Brainly Knowledge Base, key performance indicators that signal higher educational outcomes in platform users. Phase One game elements such as achievements and badges encourage students to engage with the Brainly community and track personal progress, relative to their peers, helping to improve their knowledge base by 25-65%, depending on the segment.

During the three months of the Phase One program, 128,000 students were awarded achievement badges such as “Gratitude Attitude” and “Numbers Nerd,” with over 415,000 individual achievements claimed. In the Phase One testing group Brainly found that gamification drove 13% more completed answers per student and that 82% of students reported feeling motivated to continue studying.

“Our development team continues to implement new features and tools powered by an array of technologies so Brainly can grow and evolve alongside student needs,” said Brainly’s CEO Michał Borkowski. “When students succeed everyone wins and giving them a digital environment to learn in that’s engaging and personalized is vital.”

“The success of our gamification program proves that making learning a dynamic and enjoyable experience is a winning formula for students,” said former educator and Brainly’s Parenting Expert, Patrick Quinn. “Over the last two years, digital learning tools have become increasingly important to students and gamification is a significant tool we can use to help fight study fatigue and make homework more fun.”

Brainly is the world’s largest online learning platform and is available globally on mobile and desktop devices. Created to supplement middle and high school study, Brainly gives students a platform to learn from each other and build confidence through helping others to find the answers they need to succeed in coursework. With the largest knowledge base of its kind easily accessible via Brainly’s “Snap to Solve” functionality, users are instantly directed to the answers that help them gain understanding and build coursework confidence.

Brainly is the online learning platform where over 350 million students and parents go from questioning to understanding. With their smartphones, users can snap a photo to instantly solve any problem or homework question and be matched with a Brainly product such as Community Q&A, Brainly Tutor or Math Solver. Brainly is built to provide students, parents, experts, and teachers with a collaborative platform and tools needed to succeed in any educational environment. Based in Kraków, Poland, with U.S. headquarters in New York City, Brainly apps and websites are visited by users from over 35 countries. Backed by Prosus, Point Nine Capital, General Catalyst, Runa Capital, Learn Capital and Kulczyk Investments.

Featured image: Avel Chuklanov, Unsplash.