Best Educational Apps for Android and iOS

By eLearning Inside
May 14, 2020

Before, smartphones were known as an interruption for many learners. Lots of educators, as well as parents, are doing their best not to let the schoolchildren be affected by their smartphones. But some of their efforts didn’t work. Since it is difficult for some parents to remove phones from the lives of their children, they decide to use smartphones as a way of learning. They came up with the decision to install educational apps so that their children can use them in learning different subjects and lessons. If you are also aiming for the best educational apps for android and iOS, fret no more since we’ve got you covered. Look at the top learning apps that can help students.


SplashLearn is a comprehensive educational app designed to make learning fun for PreK to Grade 5 kids. Covering math, ELA, and early skills like creativity, fine motor skills, logic, and thinking, it offers a variety of resources, including interactive games, worksheets, and live classes. With its robust algorithm, SplashLearn personalizes the learning path for each child, ensuring an engaging and effective learning experience. It also provides tools for parents and teachers to track progress, making it a valuable asset for home and classroom learning.

Google Classroom

Of course, Google Classroom is the number one on our list of best educational apps that you must consider. This one is a great solution if the learners want to submit their assignments, and then the teachers need to grade them since this is considered as a virtual classroom. This one can also be used in sending announcements, grading projects and tasks, and other classroom-related activities. Another great thing to know about this app is its easy-to-setup capacity.


One of the important apps and sites that can be compared with college homework websites is edX. There is no doubt that many learners want to study at top-tier colleges and universities, but we are aware that it is not easy to go to such universities. Good thing, if you have edX on your phone, everything will fall into place since this app can bring such universities right in your hand. You can learn everything that you want with the help of this one, whether it is engineering, business-related courses, and many more.


Aside from college homework websites, Duolingo is also valuable for many students. This application is designed for those who want to learn some new languages. This one features 30 plus languages, making studying languages a piece of cake.

Khan Academy

Since most of the students may want an expert to pay to write essay and other assignments, why not try to teach them to be more independent when it comes to doing their homework and projects through the help of Khan Academy? This application has a great mission to give a topnotch and free education for every individual around the world. This one is undoubtedly the best in providing a different means of imparting knowledge to many learners. The lessons that you will find here are all in video form.


The last, but of course not the list, is the application called Remind. This one is great for group learning since it can be considered a virtual school community. Keep in mind that once you are linked to this app using a class code, you will surely receive different updates regarding the activities in this virtual community. This one can also be used in sharing handouts and messaging the class.
You are now ready to go! These apps are proven the best and will surely help the undergraduates gain more knowledge and skills. These apps are all perfect choices, and their qualities speak for themselves.

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