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8 Degrees Suited to Online Remote Learning

By eLearning Inside
October 29, 2021

Students do not need to attend college to learn what they want. These days, technology allows for distanced learning of almost any subject; some degrees are suited to online remote learning. Hands-on subjects such as cooking require training, yet topics like English and IT can be just as easily taught via video conferencing with learning materials provided.

Web Design and Development

The study and creative elements of web design and development lend themselves very well to remote learning. Almost every aspect of studying is computer-based, using programs and apps. For example, while learning web design, students will use code editors, WYSIWYG interface apps like Dreamweaver, and creative suites such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Skills like these are coveted by the growing blog community since there are 570 million active blogs on the internet as of 2021.

Ministry and Leadership

Leadership skills are vital throughout many sectors. Some leadership skills work well for business and corporate scenarios. In contrast, a more holistic and spiritual leadership style is required for others. Business studies and similar degrees such as an MBA are typical for the more business-oriented. In contrast, an online ministry leadership degree program will benefit those looking for a career in the church.

IT and Cybersecurity

Similar to web design and development, IT and cybersecurity also make explicit use of computers. Using a virtual machine interface, students will learn about operating systems and computer hardware. From a security perspective, penetration testing and malware intrusion form a large part of the learning curriculum and can be done with online apps. Cybersecurity is a growing trend owing to the fact that malicious attacks on businesses increase all the time. In 2020, 77% of breaches were targeted.

Music Technology

Learning to play an instrument is quickly done with a remote connection. Yet, the dependence on computer systems and digital interfaces makes music technology an excellent choice for remote learning. Specialized programs such as Steinberg Cubase are industry standards in modern digital music production. They are easily taught from a remote location. Check out Rolling Stone Magazine’s excellent guide to online music tech courses.

Creative Writing

Writing teachers love nothing more than to talk about their favorite stories and authors. So there is something special about attending a class like this, and students can learn just as well remotely since most creative writing exercises are paper/essay writing based.

However, there are several credible resources online for students to pick lessons from, e.g. Margaret Atwood’s creative writing course on Masterclass, or more obscurely, Travis Preston CalArts, where you can learn about a performance artist whose diverse skills continue to set a trail for others.

Creative writing is the foundation of many art forms, especially those to do with performance arts. Therefore, a degree in the field can open several doors connected to your passion.

Linguistics and Language

There is more language than creative writing. Languages and linguistics are complex subjects and require specialist understanding. Yet students can learn from tutors using modern technology such as video conferencing for gestures and high-fidelity headphones to listen for nuances and audio cues for complex dialects such as Mandarin and Icelandic. Unfortunately, linguistics enrolment is in decline. Yet the profession comes with honourable career paths such as providing language support and liaison in military campaigns.

English and Journalism

Similar to languages and creative writing, English, and journalism courses have a home on remote platforms. The nature of the work means a classroom setting isn’t necessary, and learners may even find it easier to learn such a subject at home in comfort. Coursework is heavily text-based and graded on accuracy rather than a practical hands-on approach like many others.


There is a lot of creative and right-brained learning in remote education. Yet logical and mathematical courses can benefit just as well. For example, suppose you happen to have an interest in accountancy. In that case, students can use accounting programs such as Sage to learn from home. Many of these apps are easy to understand, provided students have the suitable learning materials, which a college will provide.

Featured Image: Marvin Meyer, Unsplash