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4 Ways to Engage and Prioritise Education Staff

By eLearning Inside
March 15, 2023

Education is a sector in which turnover rates can be high, especially among younger team members who are recently qualified and taking their first steps down this career path.

That’s why it’s important to be proactive about boosting retention and increasing loyalty to your organization.

Use Employee Recognition Software to Celebrate What Staff Members Are Achieving

Employee recognition software like Mo is a great tool to help reduce staff turnover in education. It can be used to single out and celebrate the successes of educators, while also providing feedback on their performance.

With employee recognition software, you can track progress over time, reward employees for exemplary work with bonuses or awards, and showcase achievements within your school community. This helps build morale among staff members, as they feel appreciated for their hard work and efforts.

Also, it keeps everyone motivated by letting them see what others have accomplished, which encourages them to push even further.

By implementing an effective employee recognition system in your educational institution’s workplace culture, you will create a positive atmosphere that will make it easier for teachers and other support personnel to stay engaged with their jobs longer-term.

Utilize Education Technology Such as eLearning and Gamification for Professional Development

The use of education technology such as e-learning and gamification can be an effective way to reduce staff turnover in education. Technology-based learning is interactive, and engaging, and provides teachers with the opportunity to learn at their own pace from anywhere.

This type of learning also encourages collaboration between educators, which helps foster a sense of community within your school or district.

Additionally, incorporating elements of gamification into professional development activities promotes problem-solving skills, while also providing enjoyable experiences that increase engagement among participants. In turn, this reduces boredom and overcomes motivation issues often associated with traditional training methods.

Through the strategic use of these technologies, you will create a more dynamic educational environment where teachers are encouraged to stay up-to-date on trends and best practices while sharing knowledge amongst their peers.

Establish a Culture of Workplace Wellness with Stress Management Strategies

Establishing a culture of workplace wellness is another top option for keeping education professionals on board for as long as possible.

Educators are faced with daily challenges and stress, so it’s important to provide them with strategies that help manage these pressures. By creating an environment where open communication and respect are paramount, you will foster positive relationships between teachers, support staff, administrators, and parents. This allows everyone to feel heard and respected while remaining productive.

Furthermore, implementing mental health initiatives, such as mindfulness meditation or yoga classes, can be beneficial for relieving tension within the school setting while providing educators with the skills they need to stay focused on their job at hand.

With effective stress management strategies in place, your school community can work together towards collective success without being overwhelmed by everyday obstacles.

Foster Team Building Activities That Promote Trust, Understanding, and Fun

By engaging educators in a fun and creative team-building activities, you will catalyze trust between colleagues, while also promoting understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This helps build relationships that lead to closer and more effective collaboration.

Moreover, having fun with one another on a regular basis keeps staff members satisfied and happy, as they feel appreciated while being part of a close-knit social circle.

Final Thoughts

If you’re facing down high turnover rates, don’t delay in taking action to address this issue. Education needs all the skilled, qualified team members it can get to succeed, and this can only happen if morale is high.

Featured image: Jovanmandic, iStock.