Writing Tips for Biographical Essays

By eLearning Inside
April 07, 2023

The biography essay is one of the most frustrating papers to write as it is based on someone else’s achievements. For students in K-12 and beyond, here are some tips to work with.

Starting the essay

The biography essay is a relatively short piece of writing that requires the student to write about someone else, mostly a famous figure. The task examines different skills like close reading, research, analysis, persuasion, clarity, and exposition.

To write a good paper, you need to know how to choose the best subject, gather the necessary evidence, and create your drafts.

However, nothing is quite as important in academic writing as getting started. Most students struggle with writer’s block, making it hard to generate ideas and get their points on paper. Others procrastinate, wasting time on irrelevant and mostly unimportant things.

The goal of the biography essay is to motivate students to come up with ideas and concepts in their writing with little more than their own thoughts and evidence from authoritative sources. Of course, you can always choose to work with an essay writing service online.

Have you been asked to write a biography essay and have no idea where to start? Here are some ways to get your creative juices flowing:

Outlining Key Points

Another important early step in the process of writing a biography essay is outlining. Note that an outline is a direct and clear roadmap of your essay. It shows what each paragraph will include and the ordering of your points.

Outlining improves the quality of your biography essay by allowing you to plan how your points will fit together as a whole. It gives you an opportunity to cover everything in the prompt and prevents you from digressing to irrelevancies. O

outlining also allows you to understand how you will connect all your points to support the thesis statement of your biography essay. Students who start their papers with outlines get a chance to manipulate ideas and support arguments without having to write unfinished paragraphs.

Of course, the process of creating an outline takes patience and time to perfect. It requires the student to start by creating a working thesis and a general idea of how to tackle the essay problem. It means you need to read and understand the assignment instructions and brainstorm before working on the outline. You can then research and develop the ideas you create from your brainstorming session to develop an outline and help with writing a biography essay.

Discussing Accomplishments

You can also open your biography essays by discussing notable achievements made by the subject. This is a direct way to make readers notice and appreciate your subject.

You don’t want to state something obvious and common. Instead, search for accomplishments relevant to your essay and which are likely to interest your audience.

Remember that your opening sets the mood for the paper, like everything else. You can find a good example of biography essay online.


Creating great biography essays can be challenging without knowing where to start. If you have been tasked with crafting a paper and have no clue where to open your writing, follow the tips provided here.

You can choose the right subject, conduct thorough research, draft an outline, or use an interesting quote. Whatever you do, always edit and proofread your writing.

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