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Why Students Need Gap Years

By eLearning Inside
March 13, 2023

As the traditional school year comes to an end, many high school students and recent graduates are thinking about a gap year—a period of time when they take off from their studies or career path.

It’s a popular idea for those looking to explore their options before choosing a college major, travel around the world, gain new skills and experiences, or simply take some time out of their busy lives to spend with family and friends. But there is much more value in taking a gap year than meets the eye.

Time To Think

The most obvious benefit of taking a gap year is having some breathing room between graduation and starting college. A few months away can help students get clarity on what they want to study, who they want to become, and how they want to live.

Having an extended period of time to think, reflect, explore, and make the right decision can help students make the most informed choice for their future.

Gaining Perspective

Taking a gap year also provides students with an invaluable opportunity to gain perspective on the world and its place in it.

Immersing themselves in different cultures and developing connections with people from all walks of life can open their eyes to new ideas, dreams, values, beliefs, and ways of living—all of which can shape their understanding of who they are and what they want out of life.

Learning New Skills

A gap year is also a great way to develop skills that don’t necessarily come from textbooks or textbooks alone.

Whether it’s working a job, volunteering in the community, taking on an internship or apprenticeship, or simply pursuing interests and hobbies outside of school, gap years can provide students with practical lessons in personal responsibility, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and creative thinking.

Becoming More Independent

Taking a gap year also gives young adults a chance to become more independent. They have the opportunity to take control of their own lives—from budgeting and managing finances to making decisions about where they want to go or what they want to do.

This independence can help them transition into adulthood with confidence and self-assurance that they have what it takes.

Exploring The Market

Finally, taking a gap year can help young adults get an insider’s view of the job market. Through internships, non-traditional work opportunities, and exploring their own interests, students can gain valuable insight into how companies operate and how to best position themselves for success when they enter the workforce.

Gig-style jobs have become extremely popular and can give students a chance to network and get their hands dirty in the industry. A good example of gig-style jobs is taking jobs through Draiver, founded by Zarif Haque. These gigs effectively give you rewards without a long-term commitment, perfect for someone at a crossroads.

Overall, a gap year is an empowering experience that gives students the time and space to explore their options and develop skills that will shape their future successes.

It provides young adults with the opportunity to think carefully about what they want out of life and discover how to get there—all while gaining confidence in their abilities to take on the world.