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Top 6 Educational Technology Trends That Are Changing Learning Right Now

By eLearning Inside
February 19, 2020

Technology has made one of the most fundamental impacts on present-day educational systems. Many previous educational practices are now steadily being replaced by modern technology in the classroom. The latest technology for teaching has transformed the outputs of educational technology as well. Here are some of the newest types of educational technology that dominate K-12, college, and corporate training.


Unlike previous generations, present-day pupils learn a lot outside their classrooms as well. eLearning has become a hot topic in education technology news because of its constant popularity. From elementary schools to colleges, eLearning provides vetted information on every possible subject. While websites like Google Scholar and Britannica are challenging to operate for some, eLearning platforms employ the latest advances in user experience and are easy for everyone.

Udemy, Khan Academy, Yup, and even YouTube offer some valuable learning resources. Whether you have science questions, language dilemmas, or algebraic problems, there’s always an online platform to help you out. Some places offer video content, while some connect you directly to experts. Either way, eLearning channels are perhaps the most useful innovations in educational technology.

Virtual Education

While eLearning sites offer valuable resources, you can’t really use them to learn everything to a certain extent or necessarily receive a credential. To help students make the best of their online surfing, various organizations and institutes have built virtual education classes.

From religion to social science to technical education, virtual education is an ocean of possibilities. You can get diplomas, undergraduate and even graduate degrees from these places. Virtual schools and universities are excellent examples of educational technology for those who can’t study on campus for whatever reason.

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Gadget-Based Learning

When it comes to new technology in education, gadgets have now replaced notebooks, textbooks, and even whiteboards in present-day classrooms. Just one tablet, one laptop, and an audiovisual system are enough to match a load of books and notes everyone had to carry around.

Such gadgets also cut down on the price of textbooks, which is a huge advantage of modern learning. Using any reliable and safe online software, you can find academic e-books and journals which would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars.

Online Libraries

Online libraries are a beneficial study resource for college students. You can log in to your institute’s online student account and get access to all the e-books associated with your course. If your college doesn’t have a private library, some online public libraries can provide you with e-books as well.

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The Mass Media

The mass media, including TV, newspapers, video games, radio, and the internet, have become the primary source of socialization for individuals. Informative channels such as National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, and many more play an important role in building perspectives.

Besides information and entertainment, the digital, social, and mainstream media sources are all responsible for educating the public. Whether you have children watching cartoons or teens watching documentaries, we simply can’t underestimate the importance of mass media. These modes of learning extend outside the conventional classroom and have a powerful and lasting impact on everybody.


These are some of the most powerful technology in education, which are responsible for massive social changes among students. Not only are such trends time-efficient, but they also help students learn outside the classroom environment.