How to Launch a Startup from Your College Side Hustle

By eLearning Inside
November 10, 2020

It’s very common for students to struggle with finances. Due to a large number of costs associated with college, any extra funds can run out quickly. With textbooks, dormitory fees, internet, mobile, and other bills, things add up fast. Besides, we should not ignore the fact that young people also have cultural and entertainment needs.

Therefore, it is not surprising that so many  students strive to start their business while they are still attending classes and lectures. It must be said that a multitude of the young startup organizers who formulated the idea of their future business in their school or student years and started implementing it at the same time are now the owners of prosperous firms and online services. One of the most striking examples of this kind of success is Elizabeth Shirley, who set up a personalized writing company and essay writers service with two of her college friends, Susan Martinez and Hannah Taylor, almost two decades ago.

Many Students Launch Startups While in School

Elizabeth herself used to be a passionate learner and promising student. This fact got her thinking: maybe she should open a custom tutoring company to help her classmates with academic assignments. While pursuing her own degree, Elizabeth Shirley met two prominent students – Susan Martinez and Hannah Taylor. They showed the same level of ambition, competence, and desire to assist tertiary institution goers failing to cope with an array of educational tasks. Susan was good at exact sciences and finance, so after the foundation of Shirleys’ writing organization, she became a chief financial officer in the company. Meanwhile, Hannah excelled at communication and marketing, so she later became the head of accounts also responsible for the sales and advertising departments. For the present, Essay WriterService remains one of the leading virtual resources providing its clients with topnotch academic writings.

Inspired by Elizabeth Shirley and his friends’ success, you can also take a risk and try to start your own business while still a student. Here are a couple of unusual college businesses ideas for those who are ready to make a living at a young age.

Tutoring and Homework Help

Among students, there are often people who learn and memorize new things quickly, and the process of obtaining knowledge brings them sheer pleasure. Hence, this startup idea is suitable for such representatives of young people.

In the student community, there is a high demand for services for completing essays, coursework, writing cheat sheets, etc. By doing this, you can provide yourself with a stable and good income.

To establish such a business, you not only need to possess a vast knowledge of the topic but also have a lot of time on your hands. Mind that if you pursue such a “career,” there will be almost no spare time for your needs because orders usually come in whole bunches. Besides, it would be best if you did not forget about your own academic responsibilities.

You must be a stress-resistant, diligent student, able to work with loads of information. You will have to visit libraries and consult the Internet frequently on any questions that arise.

Software and App Development

Mobile app development is a business idea for students studying at the faculty of information technology and computer science, although there are many educational establishments’ attendees who major in other specialties but also favor the Internet-related stuff and programming.

Today, demand for mobile applications has reached a record high, as the mobile Internet market has grown significantly. Only imagine – portable devices are used by 80% of web users! Considering this fact, you can think of all the opportunities waiting for you in this area.

Such a startup idea is also notable for the fact that you are not strongly required to have extensive knowledge and skills in this field. There are many services and constructors online that help you easily create apps for smartphones. The only thing that you need is a unique, original concept that will catch the attention of users of mobile gadgets.

To open a business in the IT-sphere, students need to develop applications and make efforts to promote their products. You can arrange ballots on Google Play, advertise mobile programs on thematic forums, write reviews of your products, and post them on various sites.

Of course, there are still many exciting and extraordinary ideas for startups that you can take note of. The main thing is to have the talent and aspiration to work for the benefit of your successful future!

Featured Image: Brooke Caigle, Unsplash.