Online Math and English Games to Help Kindergarten Students

By eLearning Inside February 03, 2024

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Two young children in a library using a electronic tablet.

In the lively world of kindergarten education, blending play with learning is not just beneficial, it’s a joyous necessity. This guide will navigate you through effectively using online games to gently usher your kindergarteners into the foundational concepts of language and numbers. Discover how to tailor this digital playground into an immersive learning experience for […]

The K-12 Cybersecurity Act of 2021 and The State of Cyber Crime in Education

By Aniqah Majid December 29, 2021

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Man looking at a computer screen full of code.

DECEMBER 29 – The number of reported cyber incidents in K-12 schools and districts in the U.S. stands at 1180. Covid-19 and the introduction of remote and hybrid learning have only made cybercrime more frequent and sophisticated in the education sector. In the past 30 days, Microsoft Security Intelligence has seen 8,253,516 devices in the […]

Social and Emotional Learning and Career Readiness As Necessity: Gale Presents: Imago

By Aniqah Majid November 26, 2021

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Gale Logo

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.- Gale, a Cengage company, has partnered with social and emotional learning (SEL) innovator IMAGO, to launch an online SEL and career readiness platform, Gale Presents: Imago. The video-based platform, covering content from cognitive flexibility to convergent thinking, will be available to K-12 schools and curriculums across the country. With a focus on […]

E-Rate Bidding Process Open: What Should Schools Prepare For?

By Aniqah Majid November 10, 2021

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Two women sitting across from each other on a table.

The E-rate funding application window is expected to open in January 2022. Officially known as the Universal Service Schools and Libraries Program, E-rate supports eligible K-12 schools and libraries across America with access to affordable telecommunications and information services. For the program, participants must carry out a competitive bidding process where they select the most […]

The State of Education Cybersecurity: 3 Lessons for Protecting the Post-Covid Classroom

By Matthew Delman November 06, 2021

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People sat at desks in front of computers.

As Covid variants make the current school year for both K-12 and higher education a continued balance of hybrid and in-person learning, education institutions are staying firmly in the crosshairs of cyber attackers. Just recently, Stonington Public Schools in Connecticut was forced to bring in a wave of the third-party breach investigation, mitigation, and response […]

CYPHER LEARNING and the Reinvention of Learning Management Systems

By Aniqah Majid November 02, 2021

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CYPHER Learning Promotion picture.

From universities to corporate offices, learning management systems (LMS) have become an essential tool for people who want to share and distribute information online. CYPHER LEARNING, a leading provider of learning platforms across multiple mediums, has re-invented the way we use LMS, prioritizing user accessibility and retention. Early last month, CYPHER LEARNING launched a range […]

In-Person, Blended, or Virtual Instruction? A Pennsylvania School Is Letting Students Choose

By Henry Kronk August 10, 2018

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garnet valley

The often-politicized idea known as school choice states that parents should be able to send their kids to whatever school is available. That can mean a choice between brick-and-mortar public, private, or charter schools along with virtual options. But a Pennsylvania district is beginning to offer an even greater degree of freedom. This coming fall at Garnet Valley High School, learners will have the option to take 11 different courses in person, online, or a combination of the two.

Kentucky District Will Introduce Digital Backpacks to Track Student Progress and Stave Off State Intervention

By Henry Kronk June 09, 2018

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digital backpacks

Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) announced this week the “Backpack of Success Skills” initiative. The program, among other things, will help educators and parents stay informed on a student’s progress and make learning a more competence-based process with the use of digital backpacks.

What North Carolina Got Right About Personalized Learning

By Henry Kronk June 07, 2018

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personalized learning

North Carolina has joined many other states by encouraging educators to test personalized and adaptive learning in the classroom. But they’ve also taken a somewhat unique approach.

ISTE Standards–Which Tend to Be Broad, and Not Prescriptive–Benefit the Motivated Tech Teacher

By Henry Kronk June 01, 2018

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Considering the often-vague nature of ISTE’s standards, we questioned the rigor of the standards. In certain districts and classrooms, it might not be the ideal governing document. But for highly motivated, creative, and up to date tech teachers, it’s a different story.