Gamification vs. Game-Based Learning–Which Is More Effective?

By Henry Kronk May 30, 2018

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game-based learning

In recent years, educators who spend any time on the internet have no doubt come across one particular buzzword: gamification. For anyone struggling to boost engagement in snoozy subjects, it seems like the perfect solution. The term is often confused with another popular pedagogy: game-based learning. So—what’s the difference? And more importantly, which works better?

How PIXO Decided to Develop a Gamified VR OSHA Training Module, and Why It’s Better than Your Typical Safety Course

By Henry Kronk March 31, 2018

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osha training

“Our gaming background means that we bring a very specific set of expertise to the table. It doesn’t mean that we’re making OSHA training as fun as playing soccer. It means that we know how to build really beautiful, expansive, immersive worlds in which the VR training takes place.”

Dyslexia Dragon Develops a Gamified Platform to Help Learners Read and Spell

By Henry Kronk January 11, 2018

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Gamified teaching aids like Dyslexia Dragon offer a huge potential for learners dealing with the condition. To begin, it removes the social stigma that many learners feel when they struggle more with a given subject than their peers. Many dyslexic learners develop social problems as well, such as low self-esteem, anxiety, and even aggression in response to their struggles with reading comprehension. By allowing learners a private setting to face their problems head on allows them to avoid more public displays of their difficulties.

If You Build It, They Will Game: The Training Arcade and the Future of Gamified eLearning

By Henry Kronk November 04, 2017

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The Training Arcade hosts a library of games. These games tend to be simple, combine player finesse with problem solving and memory recall. Instructors can select a variety of these and customize them (with the help of the program’s online editor) for a specific subject, class, or course.

Gamifying Millennial eLearning: The Why and How of Making it Happen

By Sherman Morrison October 04, 2017

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Millennials, e-learning and gamification

Gamifying Millennial eLearning is more than the mere fad many have made it out to be. Far from it, gamification may very well be the critical key that unlocks the door to Millennial engagement and retention in the workplace.