What a STEM E-Learning Platform Can Offer Your Child

By Maloy Burman January 16, 2022

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Young child learning with IPad.

The importance of STEM education is in no doubt. Science, technology (including coding), engineering and math skills are vital for our future workforce and any child who excels in one or more of these areas has a bright future. If your child has a particular interest in STEM subjects or shows signs of special abilities […]

BJYU’s, The World’s Largest EdTech Unicorn, Launches New Innovation Hub, ‘BJYU’s Lab’

By Aniqah Majid November 19, 2021

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Child on video chat o the computer

BENGALURU, INDIA – The world’s largest education technology unicorn, BJYU’s, has launched its new innovation hub, BJYU’s Lab. The company, known best for its online learning platform BJYU’s Future School, launched the product on November 9th, in its continued effort for global market expansion. This innovation hub, based out of the UK, the US, and […]

Coding Dojo Releases Report on Top Coding Languages Sought by the 25 Biggest Companies in the U.S.

By Henry Kronk January 10, 2018

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What code should be learned, and why? In answer, Coding Dojo has surveyed the needs of the 25 biggest American companies (as represented on the Fortune 500) in order to fill in the picture with a little more detail. Their list represents where the skills gap is widest in each of these companies in terms of individual coding languages. Their full list is copied below.

MOOCs, Coding Bootcamps, and Other Online Educators Display a Glaring Lack of Student Support Services

By Henry Kronk October 26, 2017

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When it comes to brick-and-mortar institutions, many studies have found that student support services, especially for certain populations, is tantamount to the quality of education itself in terms of teaching effectively.

WeWork’s Acquisition of the Flatiron School Makes No Sense

By Henry Kronk October 25, 2017

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Coding boot camps also don’t seem to be the smartest investment at the moment. Several have closed recently, such as Dev Bootcamp, previously owned by Kaplan Inc. along with The Iron Yard, which had previously been a distressed asset of the notorious Twinky flipper Apollo Global Management.

The Other Problem with Coding Boot Camps

By Henry Kronk October 24, 2017

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for-profit education

“In order to obtain a SED license, a non-degree granting career school must meet a number of criteria, including using an approved curriculum and employing a licensed director and teachers. The school must also demonstrate financial viability.”

“Learn to Code,” Says Everyone, Everywhere

By Henry Kronk October 20, 2017

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If someone could run the world with a broadband connection and a knowledge of coding from Norfork, Ark., as Gov. Hutchinson says, then they would also probably get around in their flying car.