BJYU’s, The World’s Largest EdTech Unicorn, Launches New Innovation Hub, ‘BJYU’s Lab’

By Aniqah Majid November 19, 2021

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Child on video chat o the computer

BENGALURU, INDIA – The world’s largest education technology unicorn, BJYU’s, has launched its new innovation hub, BJYU’s Lab. The company, known best for its online learning platform BJYU’s Future School, launched the product on November 9th, in its continued effort for global market expansion. This innovation hub, based out of the UK, the US, and […]

Texans Look to AI and EdTech to Mitigate School Shooting Risk

By Henry Kronk June 08, 2018

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This week, the Austin-based company OneSeventeen Media released a new product–the ThinkingApp–which targets elementary students in PreK-2nd grade.

SelfStudy Raises $3 Million in Seed Round Led by the IARS

By Henry Kronk May 30, 2018

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On Wednesday, SelfStudy announced they have received seed round funding to the tune of $3 million. The AI-powered cloud platform has an ambitious goal. With its algorithm, it hopes to personalize learning in professional fields by partnering with industry leaders and content providers. Its product is officially available for commercial licensing.

SelfStudy Hopes to Continue the MOOC Revolution with AI-Powered Personalized Learning

By Henry Kronk April 26, 2018

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SelfStudy is a platform that uses machine learning algorithms to keep professionals up-to-date and in the know in their respective fields. On Saturday, they will make their first public demonstration at the annual International Anesthesiology Research Society (IARS) meeting.

Will Google’s Semantic Search in ‘Talk to Books’ Supplant Keywords?

By Henry Kronk April 24, 2018

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Ray Kurzweil

On Friday the 13th this month, Ray Kurzweil took the stage at TED 2018 in Vancouver to talk about his latest work at Google. Their latest service, Talk to Books, allows you to, well, talk to books. And not just a few books. More like the 100,000+ volumes available in Google Books.

Five Takeaways from the Latest Getting Smart Report on AI

By Henry Kronk December 14, 2017

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Compared to other industries where advanced deep learning algorithms operate to perform numerous tasks, education has yet to implement AI to the same degree. There are several reasons for this.

Tenneco and Axalta Tinker with Automotive ELearning

By Henry Kronk October 23, 2017

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With their Master Certification program, refinish technicians in training tune in to an interactive video stream of a lecture. In the afternoon, they apply the skills they’ve learned on a project. After capturing the process on video, they send it to their instructors to get their feedback.