So you want to be a marketing manager? Here’s how to get there

By eLearning Inside
February 20, 2022

The marketing industry is expanding at a rapid rate. From social media influencers to algorithm engineers, the space is full of lucrative opportunities. According to Franklin University, the job market is projected to grow by 20% in the US alone.  A job in marketing may be right around the corner. Above all these different roles is the direst, one that keeps all products and services in check: the marketing manager.

Managers in marketing must have gregarious, outgoing, and dynamic personalities. In addition to these qualities, they must be meticulous, focused, and conscious of budget and time constraints.

Key Marketing Skills

A manager in marketing must possess a wide range of abilities. Those in the field of successful marketing managers are open to putting their skills to use in various situations. Data analysis and persuasion abilities could be used to track campaign metrics, for example, or they could be used to communicate with members of the media.

In marketing employment, these soft and hard abilities are frequently cited:

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  •  Analyzing data
  • Empathy
  •  Leadership
  • Organization
  • Planning
  •  Management of a project

New-age skills

Other technical or specialized abilities, such as marketing automation or search engine optimization, are becoming increasingly popular in the marketing profession.

All managers in marketing should stay current with the current technology, tools, and platforms in marketing. This allows them to develop novel ideas, discover new channels, and produce content that resonates with clients on a regular schedule.

A marketing manager’s primary responsibility:

A manager in marketing investigates analyses and determines the demand for a service or product. Then, they want to boost sales by creating marketing campaigns and plans.

Before they begin marketing to their target market, they must first determine who they are; their buyer’s journey. This involves grasping what those clients want, need, and anticipate from them. Consequently, the marketers must determine whether their goods can fulfil those demands and use the campaign to communicate that; their deliverables.

The manager in marketing is responsible for developing and maintaining the brand for a product. In addition, those people need to make sure the brand aligns with their mission and KPIs. The following is a list of some of their various responsibilities.

  •  Organizing promotional campaigns across numerous media outlets
  •  Control of advertising campaign budgets
  •  Experimenting with new methods of branding
  •  Building relationships with mainstream press outlets
  •  Directing and overseeing social media campaigns
  •  Evaluating advertising campaign performances
  •  Assessing the effectiveness of a marketing effort

Roles and responsibilities of a manager in marketing

Organize and supervise business activities.

Purchase, packing, sale, storage, transportation, sales promotion, advertisement, after-sale services, and other business operations must all be adequately handled by a manager in marketing.

Incorporate new products or services into your business.

To acquire new customers and retain current ones, managers in marketing analyze the market’s demands. Then, new services or products are introduced to satisfy current customers and attract new ones, according to the company’s stated strategy (or consumers).

Choose your distribution channels.

Such a person controls the physical distribution of goods and services through various channels such as retailers, wholesalers and so on. He chooses the appropriate route for the firm’s needs and distributes final items from manufacturers to consumers.

Decide on a marketing approach.

Using the marketing environment to guide the creation of an action plan, the company’s manager in marketing identifies what should be done when, how, where, and who should be responsible for it. Achieving company objectives includes sales forecasting, sales promotion, advertising, and product distribution.

Analyze the Economic and Political Situation

To survive and prosper in business, a manager (marketing) must not only research the company’s economic, interpersonal, and political environment. But also adhere to government rules and regulations, social norms, cultural values, regional treaties, global alignment, and the government’s economic rules and tax policies.

As a result of its functioning in a dynamic business environment, we can argue that a business organization contributed to the evolution.

Summing up

After evaluating all of these variables, the manager in marketing formulates the business plans for customer happiness and enterprise profit maximization. Finally, a manager in marketing will help you advertise your business to the world.

Featured image: Campaign Creators, Unsplash.