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Scribe Author uses platform for educators to grow middle grade audience

By eLearning Inside
April 12, 2022

Pontiac, MI—Scribe Publishing Company author Josef Bastian has been able to leverage the education platform Nepris to widen the audience for his middle grade fantasy series, Folktellers: Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook.

Nepris virtually connects educators and learners with a network of industry professionals, virtually, bringing real-world relevance and career exposure to all students.

“It’s important for me to connect directly with my readers, and since my audience is middle-grade children, it can be hard to find open avenues,” Bastian said.

“Nepris has allowed me to connect directly with students and educators. I’ve been able to talk to kids about what it takes to be an author while talking about my series.”

The result has been a lot of eyes on Bastian’s work. After completing only ten sessions, Nepris congratulated Josef on his accomplishment and estimated the following reach numbers:

  • 162,000 educators
  • 53,450 industry professionals
  • 17,270 live sessions delivered
  • 1.5 million student impressions

Sessions occur live and online with students and educators present, and students are able to ask questions and engage with Bastian.

Once a session is complete, it goes into Nepris’s video database, where it can be viewed indefinitely as a past session by students and educators.

Keeping in step with the theme of his middle grade fantasy series, Bastian speaks to students about the powerful process of storytelling, encouraging self-empowerment, accountability and respect. He continues to engage with classrooms via Nepris as a strategy to increase the reach of his series.

This outreach complements Bastian’s dedicated effort to get the series on the large screen; his production company recently partnered with Lion Forge animation studios and is currently pitching the series to networks.

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