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Quizlet Debuts Premium Content for Standardized Test Prep, Language Learning, and More

By Henry Kronk
December 04, 2018

Since the online study platform Quizlet launched in 2007, the company attracted users by offering it for free. That open access drew millions to the platform. In October, the site announced they had cleared 50 million active monthly users. On Tuesday, the company debuted a new feature: Quizlet Premium Content.

Since its launch, Quizlet has relied on users to create study tools for use by themselves and others. The site saw success especially among the large and often challenging introductory courses, which hundreds of undergrads might take in a given semester.

While these study guides are often great for specific classes, some tests and fields of knowledge require different resources.

Quizlet Premium Content

The beta version of Quizlet Premium Content went live to a limited section of users this summer. That content and more is now available.

The paid-for offerings focus primarily on test prep for standardized assessments (like the MCAT, GRE, SAT, LSAT, TOEFL and more), language learning (English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Chinese are currently offered), and science subjects like chemistry, physiology, and anatomy.

“Quizlet has a rapidly growing user base of more than 50 million people a month, and those people are coming to our platform looking for a centralized experience for all their study needs,” said Matthew Glotzbach, Quizlet’s CEO, in a statement. “Our goal is to ultimately serve all 1.4 billion students around the world, so it’s an incredible benefit for our users to get access to the best education content creators out there. Quizlet Premium Content allows publishers and creators, especially those looking to meet the demands of the changing publishing industry, a new way of reaching students to help them achieve their learning goals.”

To generate this premium content, Quizlet has drawn from its Verified Creators program. Among these partners are numerous education publishers and course supplement providers like Pearson Education, Kaplan, Inc., and Oxford University Press. Other contributors include Babbel, Chineasy, and Kenhub.

Content from Education Publishing Giants

“Pearson is excited to participate in the launch of the Quizlet Marketplace,” stated Pedro Rodrigues De Vasconcellos, VP of product marketing English and schools at Pearson.

“Babbel’s mission is to enable language-learning for everyone,” said Julie Hansen, Babbel CEO in a statement “Millions of subscribers worldwide already use Babbel to learn a new language, but high school students have not comprised a large part of them to date. This partnership brings Babbel to a new, younger audience with a combination of Quizlet’s popular platform and our language learning expertise. Our goal with the partnership is to help students ace their AP language exams and encourage them to continue their language journey.”

Certain individual educators are featured as well.

“As a professor, author, and illustrator based in York, Pennsylvania, offering my study materials on Quizlet allows me to reach biology students around the world,” said Rob Swatski, professor and developer of the A-Plus Anatomy series. “I’ve recommended Quizlet to my classes for years, and it’s fantastic to now have a direct way for my students to study my own diagrams and images with built-in capabilities like flashcards and quizzes.”

Along with the launch of Premium Content, Quizlet is inviting experience instructors to apply to the Verified Creator program, which allows educators to offer their resources to the platform’s marketplace.

The test prep and course supplement market has experienced turbulence in recent years. This spring, Pearson announced their U.S. course supplement division was for sale. The success and expansion of a platform like Quizlet marks the other side of that coin. Earlier this year, the company also secured $20 million in Series B funding to develop an AI-powered tutoring service. The company is a player to watch going into 2019.

Featured Image: Andrew Neel, Unsplash.