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Online apps for the modern learner

By eLearning Inside
June 22, 2022

Student life can be stressful and busy. Constantly in a rush, trying to beat the clock, and under pressure, it can truly be a tense period for young people. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult, students can rely on a range of apps and resources that can make their workload more manageable. Smartphones and computers can be a distraction, but they can also be a valuable part of the studying process.

Today, there are apps for everything, and you can cheaply find the right tools you need to go through college.

Task management tools

Students often have a lot on their plate and must organize themselves correctly. Evernote is one of the task management and note-taking tools ideal for that.

Learners can use it to schedule and manage all tasks and take and organize notes. Taking notes is very simple on Evernote; you can add audio recordings, online content, and images and make drawings.

When creating notes, you can store them within electronic notebooks with tags, labels, and attachments.

All the notebooks are searchable, and students can export them to various devices. They can also assign tasks for their specific notes and include reminders, flags, and due dates.

Cloud storage

Google Drive is a free cloud storage option by Google. Students only need to sign up for a Google account and use this app. They can use it to create and store tons of documents online, share them with other people, and collaborate on different documents with their peers.

All documents can be accessed using a tablet, smartphone, or PC. They are accessible with an internet connection and offline. The best of it all is that Google Drive is entirely free, with up to 15GB of storage.


A VPN is a Virtual Private Network tool students can use on their desktop and mobile devices. It is a security tool that creates a tunnel around your internet connection and encrypts all the data you send or receive.

Students often spend their time online and use multiple tools and accounts. To ensure their actions are entirely safe is crucial, students can rely on VPN for Windows to help. A Virtual Private Network brings a more secure way to access the internet. It is especially helpful when students are working on an accessible Wi-Fi network between classes.

Grammar correction

All forms of schooling include writing. Every college, school, and adult training program includes having to submit essays, reports, and written exams.

For college graduates, written communication skills are among the top skills employers look for, so students must master them to get better career opportunities.

However, finishing this additional work can sometimes be challenging, especially when you’re looking to prepare for your exams.

Grammarly is an online typing assistant tool that checks your texts for grammatical and spelling errors. The free version will do a fine job helping you with that, but if you’re going to a college that requires advanced writing, consider getting the premium subscription. It offers excellent insights and enables people to develop proper habits.

Tools for correct referencing

Referencing is a laborious, but necessary part of reports and research essays. Students commonly lose track of the resources they’ve used during the process and focus on putting the whole research together.

RefME is a bibliography app that makes it easy to find and cite resources without wasting precious time.

First, RefME has many educational resources learners can read to learn about academic writing, research, and proper citing. However, the most valuable features of this app are automated bibliographies, reference lists, and citations.

You only need to scan book barcodes, and RefME will find citations automatically. The app also supports all the most popular referencing styles.

Better use of resources

Depending on what they’re studying, students may encounter complex diagrams that are difficult to understand. Office Lens captures images with utmost precision and can do the work for students so that they don’t have to figure it all out on the spot and write the information down.

This tool can be used for printed documents, journals, blackboards, and whiteboards. Office Lens converts these documents into editable and shareable text you can use in the future.

What’s fantastic about Office Lens is that it sharpens images, adjusts angles, and removes glare to make everything visible.

Apps are the way forward

These apps can help students through every level of education. Yes, studying can be challenging, but going to college and extending your learning journey into adulthood brings great opportunities in the working world. Whether it be teaching or engineering, these smart tools make the workload of academe less intimidating.

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