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Nucamp Experiences Rapid Growth as it Disrupts Coding Bootcamp Market

By eLearning Inside
February 07, 2022

BELLEVUE, WA – Nucamp, a leading provider of affordable coding bootcamps nationwide, today announced rapid growth as it continues to upend the traditional bootcamp market. Nucamp’s 299 active instructors have delivered over 1,800 classes to more than 10,000 unique students since 2019, and in July of 2021, the school became the #1 ranked and most rated bootcamp in the US according to both Course Report and Career Karma.

Nucamp’s Flipped Classroom model has become wildly popular with students, allowing them to watch lectures and study materials after hours during the week, then complete live workshops on Saturdays with up to 14 other students and a dedicated instructor. As a result, coding education becomes much more accessible: instruction costs thousands less than traditional bootcamps, doesn’t require onerous loans or questionably legal Income Sharing Agreements, and students don’t have to upend their lives and quit their jobs for months on end in the hopes of a new career.

“Our mission is to make life-changing education accessible, and students are loving the results,” observes Ludovic Fourrage, Nucamp founder and CEO. “There is tremendous opportunity to innovate compared to traditional educational options, but most for-profit schools focus on the money. We think bootcamps ask students to give up too much time, too much money – even their jobs. Our results show there’s a better path to meaningful, and scalable, online education.”

Transparent, Accessible Results

Digital learning has been the fastest growing market in education, increasing 900% since 2000. As a result, the sector has come under public scrutiny focused on questionably legal Income Sharing Agreements, which require students to trade an average of 15% of future income over a multi-year period to cover the $15,000 – $30,000 being charged for education, and how these schools have possibly exaggerated outcomes data, specifically job placement rates, to justify their excessive tuition.

In contrast, although Nucamp is continuously expanding its commitment to student job readiness, it is breaking with the industry by removing job placement data from its marketing and is inviting others to do the same. “The coding bootcamp industry needs to end the vicious circle of making questionable promises to justify increasing the cost of education. We need to refocus our efforts on innovation, and provide the best, debt-free education we can,” says Fourrage.

Nucamp’s call to end misleading job placement data in marketing is only part of its ongoing pledge to increase student transparency and educational ROI. To achieve innovation across the holistic educational experience, Nucamp is expanding its measure of quality education to include employer validation, alongside post-completion outcomes and student reviews.

Specific to student reviews, students rate the curriculum and their instructors on a weekly basis. The results are automatically analyzed every Wednesday and highlight the actions needed to improve. More than 77,000 student surveys have been collected and analyzed since Nucamp launched, and in 2021 alone instructors scored an average of 4.63 (out of 5), while the curriculum scored an average of 4.23 (out of 5) across 1,122 classes delivered.

To integrate employer validation into its career-readiness equation, Nucamp recently joined the Workforce Talent Educators Association (WTEA), an accreditation association for outcomes-obsessed higher ed leaders, to leverage and deploy industry best practices to engage with existing and future employment partners.

“Workforce readiness only comes to life when the full suite of interests are represented around the table, and Nucamp is breaking past the traditional bootcamp model to approach outcomes in a way that gives voice to the learner, employer, and their shared workforce outcome,” said Dr Joseph Kozusko, bootcamp-industry veteran and Chief Operating Officer of WTEA. “We are excited to support Nucamp in these next steps of employer integration and helping to raise the bar for academic ROI.”

Nucamp’s Fair Student Agreement makes it easy for students to cover costs that range from an affordable $1,500 – to $5,000 for courses that take 16 weeks to 11 months. Most importantly, students can continue working full or part-time while taking courses, lowering the barrier to a life-changing education. Furthermore, Nucamp also offers a set of career services including 1:1 career coaching to help super-charge the interview and hiring process for graduates.

Nucamp‘s mission is to help all aspiring career shifters currently left out of the digital economy learn to code. Nucamp offers the industry’s only truly affordable 16-week to 22-week coding bootcamp for under $2,500 and delivers a high-quality curriculum in small classes of 15 maximum students using a unique hybrid evening and weekend format. Our model relies on carefully selected industry professionals who want to share their passion for coding in their local community. With Nucamp, whether you live in a big city, a suburb or a rural area, you can get the coding skills you need without quitting your job, getting into debt, or having to share your future income.