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LingQ language learning app celebrates 20th anniversary

By eLearning Inside
September 14, 2022

LingQ, an all-in-one language learning app that uses artificial intelligence (“AI”) to assist students in learning languages, today announced that they are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Since 2002, over 3.5 million students worldwide have learned languages on LingQ. In celebration of their 20th anniversary, LingQ has launched its 40th language – Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines. Language learners worldwide are invited to join LingQ and learn Tagalog for free.

In support of Ukraine, LingQ is also offering free Ukrainian lessons globally to anyone interested in learning the language. They are also offering to Ukrainians living worldwide access to LingQ, free of charge.

20-Year Milestone

“It’s highly satisfying to realize that we reached our 20-year milestone. It took me 45 years to learn my first nine languages, but only 10 years to learn eleven more languages using LingQ by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by modern technology and AI,” said Steve Kaufmann, Co-founder of LingQ.

“The recent launch of LingQ 5.0 has significantly enhanced our platform and we are continuing to work on effective and enjoyable new functionality all the time. It’s always exciting to add new languages and I am pleased to announce the launch of Tagalog, which has been requested by users for quite some time.”

LingQ, originally branded as, is one of the first digital language learning software platforms and has one of the largest language learning content libraries encompassing thousands of hours of audio with matching transcripts. LingQ tracks user interactions with all words they encounter and uses machine learning to help members learn the words that matter most.

Language Acquisition Through the Power of AI

Through AI, LingQ enables its users to always find the content of interest at their level. It also informs students which words are new to them throughout their lessons. LingQ powers up users’ ability to learn languages based on the Comprehensible Input theory of language learning.

“We are extremely proud of the global community that we have created over the past 20 years. The number one success factor in language acquisition is motivation. Our technology enables language learners to take advantage of the vast amount of authentic digital content available today, to grade it and learn from it by following their interests. They can also join live conversations with native speakers and have their writing corrected by a language exchange partner,” said Mark Kaufmann, CEO and Co-Founder, LingQ.

“We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and the wide variety of content we offer. We are committed to adding more and more great content to our library and highlighting more sources of content that our users can import from. We are continuing to upgrade our technology to provide the most advanced language learning tools available.”

The LingQ Approach

LingQ has a three-pronged approach consisting of listening and reading, combined with vocabulary tools that students can use to look up words and phrases and save them to their own private database for review. Available on web and mobile (Android, iOS), LingQ users can learn wherever they are to take advantage of spare time throughout the day. LingQ enables all users to import any content into LingQ, including YouTube videos, Netflix shows, songs, podcasts, ebooks and more, and convert this content instantly into interactive lessons.

About LingQ Since 2002, LingQ has provided over 3.5 million language learners with their content-based language learning app which harnesses machine learning to enhance and customize the users’ language journey. LingQ offers 40 languages to users around the globe on their web and mobile platforms. The father and son founding team of Steve and Mark Kaufmann originally developed in 2002 and rebranded it as LingQ in 2007.

LingQ is one of the pioneers in language app development focused on web and mobile delivery only. LingQ has developed one of the largest foreign language libraries of authentic and interesting content. In addition to their main content-based learning activities, LingQ users also have access to online tutors, interactions on a global language community forum, community writing exchange, and integrated SRS vocabulary review tools. To ensure success, LingQ measures everything that students do including the number of words the student knows, how many words are learned, and statistics on writing, speaking, listening, and reading.

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