How to Bake Energy Conservation Into Employee Training

By eLearning Inside
July 29, 2021

With prices going up everywhere and with businesses struggling to survive due to the ever changing government policies regarding the coronavirus pandemic, businesses and organizations all over the world are looking at different ways in which they can save money. In addition, many companies are implementing green practices and looking to achieve carbon neutrality. There’s a simple solution that can advance both ends: incorporate energy conservation practices into employee training. 

One often overlooked area of running a business and an opportunity for a great amount of cost saving is with business energy, and in particular gas. Whilst many business owners simply accept that having this cost is something that is fixed and that they cannot get away from (this is true), there are ways in which they can actively reduce their monthly gas bills. This can be highly beneficial to those companies that are struggling with their cash flow right now or for those businesses just starting up.

Some of these methods and techniques are discussed below in some detail so that businesses of all sizes can implement them and save themselves some money during these highly uncertain times of lockdowns and other restrictions. It will also benefit the wider public and planet earth, as using less fossil fuels is much better for the environment – so everyone benefits. Passing these activities on to employees or co-workers and practicing them can contribute to the cause. 

Put Smart Meters to Use

Whilst traditional gas meters do not provide organizations with any level of visibility about how much they are consuming and when, a smart meter can do exactly that and more. Having increased visibility over usage should encourage team members to become more conscious about the gas that they use on a daily basis, thus making them use less overall. 

Use Insulation

It is for the purpose of heating up space that businesses use up the most gas. This is why retaining heat within a place or work is so vitally important for any business that wants to use less gas. Businesses should purchase good quality insulation for all of their premises in order to reduce their reliance on gas. 

Become More Efficient

By becoming more efficient in how it uses gas, a business can not only use less of it, but also help bring down costs. Simply knocking down gas heaters by 1 or 2 degrees can have a large impact over the course of a month. 

Get Professional Help

There are companies out there that exist to provide businesses with audits on how they can either use less gas or simply use their current amount in a more efficient and effective way. Whilst there is an expense to hiring a company to do such an audit, the cost saving that they bring will be worth it in the long run. 

Whilst doing any of all of these things will reduce the overall cost of a monthly gas bill, they will do nothing to reduce the individual rate that their gas usage is fixed at. The only way of doing this is by visiting a business gas comparison website where they can view all of the different rates and tariffs that are currently provided on the market and choose the best one for their own personal situation and consumption pattern.

Featured Image: Zbynek Burival, Unsplash.