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CYPHER LEARNING Launches ELITE Certification Program for Effective E-learning

By eLearning Inside
March 21, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO — CYPHER LEARNING, a leading provider of learning platforms for schools, universities and organizations around the world, today announced the launch of the E-learning Integration in Technology and Education (ELITE) Certification Program. This program provides certifications to organizations and individuals that develop and demonstrate effective e-learning strategies and educational technology integration.

Relied on by millions of users across 20,000+ organizations, CYPHER LEARNING serves all major e-learning sectors: with NEO LMS for schools and universities, MATRIX LMS for businesses, and INDIE LMS for entrepreneurs.

The company’s award-winning platforms are available in more than 40 languages.

The program enables NEO and MATRIX clients, as well as external organizations, to obtain a certification in using the platform — demonstrating aptitudes in e-learning design and delivery. As part of the program, CYPHER LEARNING offers learning paths for administrators and teachers, covering e-learning strategies to maximize the use of its platforms and support online teaching, step by step.

The ELITE participants will receive proof of accreditation at the end of each certification level from CYPHER LEARNING’s team of EdTech experts, who have strong backgrounds in education and extensive experience in instructional design, e-learning and the implementation of educational technology in schools.

“As e-learning continues to be a critical part of education and training initiatives, we are delighted to launch ELITE,” said Graham Glass, CEO of CYPHER LEARNING.

“This new program validates the global competencies of instructors and educators in the educational technology area. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for them to network with a community of educators, administrators, and information and communications technology (ICT) professionals from around the world.”

CYPHER LEARNING provides award-winning learning platforms to organizations around the world. Blending ease of use, engaging user experience and cutting-edge technology, CYPHER LEARNING supplies comprehensive solutions for all major e-learning sectors: with NEO LMS for schools and universities, MATRIX LMS for businesses, and INDIE LMS for entrepreneurs. Relied on by millions of users at more than 20,000 organizations, CYPHER LEARNING supports 40+ languages and has offices worldwide, with global headquarters in San Francisco.

Featured image: CYPHER LEARNING.