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AcademyOne Inc. Partners With the University of Alaska to Launch My Future Alaska

By Cait Etherington
April 11, 2019

On April 5, AcademyOne, Inc. and the University of Alaska announced the launch of a new digital platform for Alaska learners: My Future Alaska. The online gateway will enable current and prospective students to find and explore information about the entire range of courses, programs, and services that are available to them in Alaska.

A One-Stop Destination for Alaska’s Adult Learners

Whether learners have already completed college credits or never started a degree, the My Future Alaska portal aims to offer one-stop shopping, so to speak, for students looking for guidance on how to complete a degree or certificate program in the country’s most northern state.

While the platform will focus on offering Alaskan learners access to educational and career pathways across industries, the partnership is largely focused on preparing Alaskans for emerging job roles. A press release issued on April 5 emphasized, faced with a changing economy and workforce, the University of Alaska anticipates that 65% of working-age people living in the state will need a college education by2025.  Their Strategic Pathways program aims to respond to this need. 

Saichi Oba, Associate VP of Student and Enrollment Services, further emphasized that the collaboration with AcademyOne came out of an extensive consultation with a wide spectrum of stakeholders.

About AcademyOne

AcademyOne, Inc. is a software development and consulting company that offers higher education technology solutions. Specifically, they deliver products that simplify often difficult processes–for example, assessing transfer credits. Specifically, AcademyOne’s gateway solutions are designed to help learners make smarter academic choices.

With the launch of the My Future Alaska portal, a range of students, including non-traditional learners such as veterans and active duty military personnel, will gain access to the tools needed to carry out their own degree audits, transfer checks, and prior learning assessments. As a result, transfer students, including those coming back to school after extended breaks, will be able to evaluate how previously earned credits might apply to a new program of study, what general education requirements they still require to graduate, and how much their chosen program will cost.

The University of Alaska’s Digital Transformation

The University of Alaska has campuses in Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbank as well as 13 community campuses and extended learning centers across the state. Because Alaska is an isolated state where travel is often challenging, the University of Alaska is no stranger to online learning and other digital solutions.

Currently the University of Alaska already offers 15 associate degrees and over 20 bachelor-level degrees online, as well as several postgraduate degrees and certificate programs in subjects ranging from education and nursing to psychology and business. A complete list of the University of Alaska’s online diplomas and degrees can be found on the university’s online learning site. The University of Alaska’s latest digital initiative, My Future Alaska, is expected to enhance students’ ability to make the most of the university’s on-site and online course and program offerings while also streamlining their degree completion and reskilling efforts.

Photo by 85Fifteen on Unsplash.